Tuesday, January 25, 2022


  Time is fair and indicatively estimates the evolutionary ability of mankind to take lessons from the past for the sake of the future. And the basis of this ability is History - both as the civilisation’s history as a whole, and the history of its fundamental science.

   However History in its both parts is so deformed and forged by egoism of separate eminent person that to carry out the function of the evolutionary basis is no more in a status. And today they do not simply speak but there are already obvious facts at the top of the voice shouting about it: our planet and mankind consistently and inevitably become covered by ulcers of problems’ losses which catastrophically grow and our human ignorance and the consumer relation to the world around continue to generate permissiveness, carelessness and cynicism in relation to life of future generations.

   Fortunately, we are participants of the given Forum - we are that part of human community which cannot be reconciled with the created position and responsibly realises that the world is extremely fragile and modern outlook generated by insolvent basis conducts our civilisation to the inevitable crash and that today we have no right to the errors which were supposed in the past.

   At the same time we understand that the problem can’t be solved only with the appeals and declarations or separate decisions which are dictated by the interests of this or that corporate structure.

   Therefore we urge the United Nations Organization to pay attention to the necessity of urgent establishment of the World (independent) Center of Basic Researches capable in the shortest term to confirm and introduce in the scientific world environment base postulates of a new scientific paradigm which are offered by one of the organizers of our Forum – a civil association "National Academic University of Evolution of Reason" (Odessa, Ukraine):

  1. The World is absolutely material and informative. The substance is the main point of diessence (a dual display, a two-place form) of energetic information.
  2. By nature this energetic information is discrete. Therefore, the substance exists discretely in spite of the fact that the world’s science for the present has no technical possibility to define frequency of this discrete display.
  3. The World is initially programmed. Life is a consequence of programmability of our world.
  4. The programmability is subordinated to periodicity laws in time. Any programs have the beginning and the end, that is all phenomena and processes are final.
  5. The process of creation without a reasonable basis is impossible. There is a Divine principle of observable harmony - the Creator.
  6. There are forms, degrees and algorithms of rationality that correspond to life forms. Reason is a relative concept.

   We understand that the decision about the establishment of the independent Center of Basic Researches without a qualified audit of historical basis of fundamental science is not meaningful. Therefore we urge to support the initiative of National Academic University of Evolution of Reason, directed on creation of a special independent commission vested with the special mandate of the United Nations Organisation and capable to carry out this audit in limiting deadlines.

   We consider that support of this initiative is a way to a new basis on which the outlook of recent people on the Earth can lean against and this is the way to the exit from the current situation: from progressing phobias – to evolution of reason, from ignorance - to knowledge, from egoism - to humanity, from extreme consumer relations - to commonwealth and co-ordinated creation