Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Press Conference by UNIAN

Press-conference by UNIAN

Through the death of billions to the happiness of golden billion.
The truth about an inconsistency of modern fundamental science.

Everyone living on the Earth feels the high speed of events changing in the ambient world. Civilization in 20 century made the gigantic leap in the development of technogenic systems. We have invaded the surrounding world at supersonic speeds subjugating all that somehow can serve us faithfully. The desire of possibility accumulation has reached the apogee. The regularity of such approach to life is the time we are living in. Moral values which are declared in the world today do not correspond to reality. Often there comes a moment in human life when the truth becomes bitter. The wise person accepts the bitter truth henceforth not to repeat errors, to release himself from moral responsibility. And when the answer time will come, nobody could tell him: you knew that and haven't done anything as a result! Unfortunately today such people are in minority.

Truth has no derivatives, it doesn't require conjectures. It is either there or not. And the truth is: we live in a world where the only criterion of all valueable is money. Money are the great God of our civilization. They define the priorities, dictate life rules and control the world. There is the question "what should move the person forward?". The money just are the yardstick which usually stops him in his development. Confirmation of this idea is the access to grants, a very interesting & "bold" theme with a beautiful derivative - the money kickbacks or an obligatory mention of the science Guru in any scientific treatise.

The modern science is entirely dependent on funds wich receives from society. Society defines the tasks of science, and it (the science) work out the invested funds and the worst - often fills the order of money by legitimizing the conclusions that are contrary to the truth.

We must admit to ourselves that the modern science is not able to suggest nothing intelligible and understandable to society at the crisis time. The Earth is covered by ulcers of problems that are beginning to grow and press on mankind with excessive force.

Global climate change, hunger, depletion of freshwater resources, biosphere extinction, soil degradation, environmental and technological disasters - is the incomplete list of problems surrounding us. The society appeals to a science for the recipe what to do & how to change the situation. But the science makes a serious mine and continues to squander billions of dollars. Theoretically we could forgive them for inactivity and populism, but our life is at stake. I know that you, as well as I, feel great anxiety when receive information about our future from official sources. To the fore is the degradation of science and moral squeeze of society. How can you evaluate the WHO statement that a pandemic of H1N1 can carry up to 30 million people's lives? Statement by the experts that 250 million people living in Africa will be deprived of drinking water and this is the same death sentence. Hundreds millions of people in the next few years will become climate refugees. The cynicism of some scientists about the climate wars causes a storm of indignation of any normal person. There is a simple conclusion - we are a civilization of extras and cruel people, where the life (to a huge regret) became the unit of prospective losses, damages and nothing more...

Over the last 10 years the position of modern science has changed from the formula: we will win, we are omnipotent! - to the formula: We must to adapt! I am convinced that humanity is coming to the line when by default we will receive a signal from the science - "save yourselves!"... We are ready to save ourselves, but then there is a question. Gentlemen scholars, we gave you the right to choose directions of civilization development. Dear academics, we believe you and carry out your recommendations. We have defined your place in society with all privileges and are not prepared to save ourselves. Gentlemen scientists, you were our faith, but it turns that you are our lie. It would be unfair to gather under one scheme all scientists, but the truth is that modern science - is a dogmatize system with all shortcomings (unfortunately, they are inherent in our society), the machine for the destruction of dissent in the scientific community. How can we trust the IPCC experts (Nobel laureates) who rig the facts in their researches? How can we believe the Ministry of Health after the fraud with vaccines? Actually we have come to that terrible line where may be a crash of human values. Society no longer believe in science and it is the shortest way to our extinction. Any sane person understands that the failure of science or selfishness of its representatives - is a direct path to our destruction.

My words may cause some irony - the science is able to solve the problem, it needs some time, you will say. I agree that time is an important component in solving of any problems. And it is very good when we have a time. And if we haven't?