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Part №32. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

The Results of the 5th Chess Marathon

Happy time of the day, dear fans of chess adventures! Today we will declassify the tasks of the 5th Chess Marathon and name its winners.
At the desire of some participants, we’ll give full decisions of tasks №1-8.
Let's notice that for the problems to put a mate in two moves it is enough to give only the first move.For a mate in three moves, except the introductory move, it is necessary to specify the threat, and the moves of the Black, protecting from this threat (if the problem is on Zugzwang, all the moves are of the Black), and it is necessy all the second moves to be of the White. It is possible not to show mate moves.
In tasks №1-4 it was necessary to put a mate in two moves, having taken away only one White figure from the board.


We remove the Elephant с1.
Solves: 1. Ла1! Zugzwang! 5 points
1 … Ф:g1 2.Л:g1#, 1 … Фg2 2.Ф:g2#, 1 … Фg4 2.Ф:g4#, 1 … Фg5 2.Ф:g5#, 1 … h3 2.Ф:g3#, 1 … e5 2.Ôb6#. But all these mates passed at the Elephant с1.
And here after 1 … e3 there is a mate hook 2.Ôb1#!, which would be impossible at the Elephant c1


We remove a Horse d4
1. Фd7! Zugzwang ! 5 points
1 … К:f5 2.Л:f5#, 1 … e6 2.Ôg7#, 1 … Ca6 (b7) 2.Фе6#, 1 … C:d7 2.Ф:d7#, 1 … Сd ~ 2.Ôe7#,
1 … 2 ~ 2.Êg4#. And a variant 1 … Kr:e5 2.Ôd4# which became possible without a White horse d4.


We remove a White Pawn e6
1. Фa2! Zugzwang. 5 points
1 … C ~ 2.Ôa8#, 1 … L ~ 2.Ôg8# (there is no Pawn e6).


We remove a Castle e1
1. Фh1! Zugzwang . 5 points
1 … Kpf5 2.Ôh5#, 1 … f5 2.Фа1#, 1 … K ~ 2.Фе4#, 1 … Kpd4 (1 … f5) 2.Фа1#! (There is no Castle!)

In tasks №5-8 it was necessary to put a mate in three moves, having taken away only one White figure from the board.


We take away a Castle f4
1. Фh6!
1 … е5 2. Фа6! е4 3.Фа8#, 2 … ba 3.C:a6#, 2 … d5 3.Ôe6#, 2 … d6 3.Ce6#. 2,5 points
1 … e6 2. Ф:е6 b5 3.Фа6#, 2 … b6 3.Ca6#, 2 … de 3.C:e6#. 2,5 points


We take away the Pawn е6
1. Фс8! Кре2 2. Фg4 + Kpf1 3.Ke3#, 2 … Kpd3 3.Ôc4#. 5 points


We take away a Horse d4
1. Фа7! Л:а7 2. Крf7 ~ 3.Ëg8#. 5 points


And here this problem had two variants of the decision at once!
a) without an Elephant g7
1.g7 gf 2.g8Ф f3 3.Ôg4#, 1 point
1 … g4 2.g8K ~ 3.Kf6#, 1 point
1 … gh 2.g8C Kg6 3.Cf7#. 1 point
b) without a Pawn g6
1.Cf6! gh 2.Kg7 + Kg6 3.f5#. 2 points

In tasks №9-12 it was necessary to satisfy a certain condition and only then find a prize or a drawn game …

To find a prize in the task №9, it was necessary to add two Black figures in the position.
Further, in the position with two added Black figures it was necessary to rearrange a White elephant in the field a5 and show one way to the victory more.
To satisfy these two conditions, in the position on the diagramme №9 it was necessary to add a Black elephant on b1 and a Black pawn on b2.


a) 1. Кg3! с5 2. С:с5 Krd2 3. Лh2 + Kre1! (3 … Krs1 4. Се3 + Krd1 5. Лd2 + Kre2 6. Крс3 W ~ 7.Ñf2#; 3 … Krd1 4. Krs3 Se4 5. Лd2 + Krs1 6. Ке2 + Krb1 7.Ëd1#) 4. Krs3 Se4 5. Ле2 + Krd1 6. Лd2 + Krs1 7. Ке2 + Krb1 8.Ëd1#. 2,5 points

b) After the shift of the White elephant in the field a4 except
1. Кg3! 2 to the victory leads 2 1. Лf1! с5 2. Сd8! (Why not 2. Сс7?! It will become clear later
) 2 … to Krd2 3. Сg5 + Krs2 4. Кf4! After 2. Сс7?! And 3. Сf4 + the field f4 would be inaccessible to a horse now! 4 … Krd2 5. Кd3 + Kr ~ 6. Лf2 + and 7.Ëd2#. 2,5 points

In task №10 it was necessary to find a field for a Black pawn and win a duel.


With a Black pawn on h7.
1. Сf6 + Krh6 2. Сg5 + Krg7 3. Сh6 +! Кр:h6 (or 4 … Сf5 5. Л:f5 and 6.Ëh5#)
4. Крf6! W (d,) 1Ф 5. Лh5 +! С:h5 6.g5#! 5 points

By mistake of the type-setter in a position №11 there are no Kings. It is known only that the Black king is on his Queen’s flank, and the White king - on his Queen’s flank.
It was necessary to return Kings on a board and show the way to the victory.


According to the condition, the White king should be in a square "a1-a4-d4-d1", and the Black one - in a square "a8-a5-d5-d8".

а) Practically all the solvers, having noticed a prick of a Pawn 1.a4, have arranged the White king on с4, and the Black one - on с7, thereby taking away a field from the Horse. And they have appeared to be right.

1.а4! dс 2.dс! Ка3 + (or 2 … а5 3.аb сb + 4. Кр:b5 аb 5. Кр:b4, and the White win) 3. Крс3 а5 4. Кd3 b5 5.сb + Kr:b6 6. Крb2 Кb5 7.аb сb 8. Крс3!, a prize. 1 point

b) One possible arrangement more - the White king is on d3, and the Black one is on c7. Solves a familiar to us move 1.a4! with almost the same variants. Therefore the award for this deal is the same: 1 point.

c) But there was one arrangement more – the White king is on с4, and the Black is on a8 - where the White have already won a victory as well! 1.a4 dc 2.ab cb 3.Kрc5! cb 4.Kрd6! Kрb8 5.d5 b6! 6.Kрe7 Kрb7 7.d6 Kрa6 8.d7 Kрa5 9.d8К! (9.d8Ф? a6) and the White win. 3 points. …

It was necessary to return a Black king on the diagramme №12 …

Drawn game

The Black king is on h2.
1. Ла6! Фg8 2. Ле6!! Ф:е6 3. Сg3 + fg 4. Лh1 + Kr:h1, a stalemate. 5 points

Questions №13, №14, №15 and №16 on knowledge of chess history.

There are three wellknown Soviet grand masters represented on a drawing fragment. It was necessary to name the surnames of these chess players and respond to what sad event the drawing was devoted?


The answer:
The drawing is devoted to the last match for the rank of the world champion on chess between Boris Spassky and Robert Fisher in 1972. On the right – there is the ex-world champion Boris Spassky. Near him – there are his assistants: Efim Geller and Nikolay Krogius (in the center).
3 points

This Spanish friar all life devoted to the reference of "the stray souls» into the roman catholic faith. But the international recognition to the friar was brought only by one "soul" … About what «thin substance» there was a talk?

The answer: It is a question about the Spanish friar Fernando Saavedra and his well-known etude with transformation of the Pawn into a Castle!
3 points

Wishing the person a happy birthday, we usually wish him long years of life … In 1872 the English magazine, which name is translated into Russian as «The Birth, matrimony and death», opened a chess heading on its pages. What purely chess advice-wish was given to the readers by the staff of this specific edition?

The answer: The staff of this magazine recommended the readers «not to hurry with transition into an end-game...»
3 points

The invention of this baron represented in the drawing, about 70 years deceived the population of Europe. It is known that even Napoleon got on his fishing tackle ! Name this invention.


The answer: It is a question of the chess automatic machine of the Hungarian inventor Wolfgang fon Kempelen.
3 points

In tasks №17, №18, №19 and №20 it was required to correct a composition. There were many correction variants sent to us. The competition jury estimated these works on five-point system on condition that in the corrected version the main idea of the product was saved. The rough introduction (a capture of a Pawn) reduced the estimation on 1 point. The figure capture on the first move, the jury did not consider…

In the problem №17 except the author's 1. Фd8! to a mate in two moves leads a rough 1. К:d1 too. It was necessary to correct a composition.


Before to "quicken" a problem let's understand, what idea did the author want to express.
After 1. Фd8! (the threat 2.Ôg8#) on protection of 1 … С:с6 and 1 … Л:с4 pass mates 2.Kg4#! and 2.Kg2#! accordingly. Have you noticed, how after a sheaf of one of the Black figure, the White Horse cuts the second!
It is the main plan of the problem. All the other variants are additional.

Unfortunately, many participants of the Marathon «together with water have splashed out the child as well» - having found justice on 1.K:d1, they threw out from the decision one of the thematic variants «a sheaf +cut-off» …
Get acquainted with one of the best variants of correction (№17а).


1. Фd8! The introduction and the main variants remained in an integrity and safety!

In the problem №18 with the move under three blows 1. Сf6! the White created the threat 2.Ëd4#. Now on every possible protection of the Black bright fireworks of variants with the effect «linkages - solving» flash!
1... Сd5 2.Ñh7#; 1... С:d7 2.Ôb4#; 1... Фd6 2.Ñh7#; 1... Ф:d7 2.Ôf5#; 1... Kd6 2.Ôd4#.
But after a simple 1... Ф:f6 the mate on the second move will not take place.
The replacement of one Black pawn by two White ones eliminates this defect.
It was necessary to find this replacement!


Almost all the participants of the competition replaced a Black Pawn f4 on two White Pawns - f4 and g3. As a result - 5 points in general offset!

In the problem №19 except the author's 1. Фc6! to a mate in three moves leads 1. Фg4 as well. Except this defect in the main variant - 1... Л:e5 2. Фh1! Лe1 3.Ôb7# - is possible to play 2. Фb7 +! Л:b7 3. С:e5# too.
Hardly having changed the position, it is possible not only to eliminate these flaws, but also to decorate a plan with one more ideological variant!


The best version of the correction is recognised the variant №19а.


Attempts 1. Фh1? And 1. Фb7 +? are denied 1 … Лf1! And 1 … Л:b7 accordingly.
Solves 1. Фc6! (the threat 2.Ôb5#)

On protection 1... Л:e5 consistently pass earlier unsuccessful attempts 2. Фh1! Лe1 3.Ôb7#!
In addition 1... Кc7 2. Фb7 +! Кb5 3.Ф:b5#, using on the second move the Castle overlapping.
It is necessary to regret that correcting this problem some marathon-racers "have splashed out" a logic attempt 1. Фh1.

In the problem №20 except the author's 1. Сh4 to a mate in three moves also leads a loud victim 1. Сh3 +! Kр:h3 2. Ф:g5 ~ 3.Ôh4#. And in the variant 1 … Kр:h4 2. Фf2 + Kрg4 3.h3# to the goal leads a silent 2. Фf3! g4 3.Ôf6#!
What minimum means is it possible to correct a problem with?


It were offered many corrections of this problem. But it was required to correct the problem by minimum means. And this requirement was not executed by anybody of the participants …
In due time the leader of the marathon suggested to correct the problem №20 to a remarkable chess composer Michael Marandjuk. Here is how he "has resurrected" the opus (№20а).


Solves 1. Сh4! With a threat 2.h3 + Kr:h4 3.Ôf2#; 1 … Kr:h4 2. Фf2 + Krg4 3.h3#.
To these two variants with correct mates there is one nice couple more: 1 … gh 2. Сh3 + Kr:h3 3.Ôf3# with a victim of the second White Elephant; 1 … Кe2 2. Ф:g5 + Krf3 3.Ñg2# with distant blocking of the field.
As you can see, to correct the plan, Marandjuk had only to have one Black figure!

It is time to declassify the winners of the 5th Chess Marathon. Predictably, our marathon racers were fairly pulled about by last quartet of tasks where it was required «to recover a composition». There were losses in the etude tour as well- nobody of the solvers could master up to the end the task №11
After calculation of points and estimation of the quality of the corrected tasks №17-20, the 1st place in the 5th Chess Marathon with the result of 75 points from 92 was occupied by Anatoly Kostenko from the Zaporozhye area.

The 2nd place is at Anatoly Handurin (70,5) from Kharkov. On the 3rd place is Alexander Klimashev from Volgograd (67).

All the winners are awarded by books about history of Odessa and diplomas of the site Perspectiva"!"
The jury decided to award an incentive book prize and the diploma of the site a collective solver - a chess circle at the House of children's and youth creativity of the city of Debaltsevo of Donetsk area (the head of the circle is Michael Gershinsky, the head - Michael Magit). Children have got 48,5 points that is completely not bad for debutants of the Marathon. Our congratulations to all the winners!

Since 2013 chess competitions on the site «Perspectiva"! will pass in a slightly other format. We’ll tell about this innovation in one of the nearest chess releases.
See you on a chess page of " Perspectiva"!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko