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Part №30. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

Happy time of the day, dear fans of chess adventures! In this release of our chess heading we’ll consider the tasks of the 4th Chess Marathon and we’ll name three of the best solvers. And in the end of the release we’ll sum up our minicompetition «recover a composition» the conditions of which were published in the release №29.

The task №1

In newspapers and magazines the positions of the problems are often given in the notation. And time, as it is known, does not spare letters. That is why it is difficult enough to a chess historian studying «the news of the olden time deep», to define on what field there was this or that figure. Especially a lot of mess arises with the verticals "c" and «e» owing to their similar writing …
On the diagramme №1 there is no Black King. The matter is that it is impossible to define from the notation, on what field of a vertical «c» or «e» it is registered. Dear marathon-racers, help to be defined with the arrangement of the Black Leader to turn out a mate in two moves!

Cunning of the task was that the position on the diagramme №1 could not arise in the party. There are all eight White Pawns on the diagramme, but a Pawn с3 could not in any way come on its field from the vertical "a". But the removal of any of White Pawns does the position legal.

Therefore it is necessary to consider some possible variants without a White Pawn and try to solve the author's plan with the arrangement of the Black King on the verticals "c" or «е»:
1) we take off a White Pawn с2, the Black King is on с2 . The decision is: 1.Qd1 + and 1.Qe2 +;
2) - a Pawn с3, Ke3. 1.dc!; 3) - a Pawn d4, Ke3. 1.Bh5!; 4) - d4, Ke5. 1.Ra5!;
5) - f5, Kс7. 1.Qc8 + and 1.dc; 6) - f5, Ke3. 1.Qf5, 1.Qg3 +, 1.Qh4, 1.Rd1 and 1.dc;
7) - f6, Ke3. 1.Qg3 + and 1.dc; 8) - f6, Ke7. 1. f6 +; 9) - g5, Ke3. 1. dc!; 10) - h3,
Ke3. 1. dc!

What of these variants were conceived by the author of the problem? Having rejected dual possibilities and a capture, we come to the conclusion that the type-setter by carelessness added on the diagramme №1 a superfluous Pawn d4. And the plan of the author consisted in two positions-twins: the Black King in the field e3 and e5.

Let's give these decisions completely:
a) Kе3: 1.Bh5! (Zugzwang) 1 … с4 2.Qd4#; 1 … d4 2.Nс4#; 1 … Кd2 2.Qе2#. 2,5 points
Kе5: 1.Rа5! (Zugzwang) 1 … с4 2.N:с4#; 1 … d4 2.Q:d4#; 1 … Кd6 2.Qf4 (g3) #. 2,5 points

Now you, dear marathon-racers, can estimate, what difficulties wait for a chess historian in his archival searches!

The task №2

On the diagramme №2 there is a position after a wrong move of the White (without a capture!). It was necessary to return this move backwards to make a correct move with the same figure, and only then put a mate in three moves.
The last wrong move of the White was f7-f8N. We return this move backward, do a correct move f7-f8Q and put a mate in three moves:
1.Nb3! Threat 2.Qс5 +;
1 … Ks4 2.Bе6 +; 1 … Ks6 2.Qс8 +; 1 … Ke5 2.Qf5 +; 1 … Ke4 2.Qd6 (2.Qf5 +). 5 points
(1 point for every variant)

The task №3

The prize on the diagramme №3 is impossible for one reason: all figures on the board are wrongly shifted. It was necessary to eliminate this misunderstanding and find the way to the victory.

For the performance of the task it is enough to shift the initial position on one vertical to the right.
1.Bf6 +!! 1 point
Wrongly 1.g5? B: d5 2.Bf6 + Kh7! 3.B:b2 Be6! 4.Bg2 Bd5 5.Bf1 Bc4 with eternal prosecution of the Elephant or a Stalemate.
1... K:f6 2.g5 + Kg7 3.Rd7 + Kg8! 2 points
4.Be6 +! Kh8! (4 … B: e6 5.Rb7) 5.Bf5! gf. 3 points
6.Kf8! b1Q 7.g6. 4 points
Does not rescue 7... Bf7 8.g7 + Kh7 9.g8Q + Kh6 10.Qg7 + etc.
7 … Bg8 8.Rh7 +! B: h7 9.g7#. 5 points

The task №4. A chess question


This well-known citisen of Odessa was a great admirer of chess. It so happened that after a musical performance he moved into the other hall and held there … a simultaneous chess game! Name a surname of this bright person.

The answer: David Fedorovich Ojstrah. 3 points.3 балла

The task №5


In one of the rest houses they liked to play «live chess» where instead of wooden figures their having a rest citizens acted having changed the corresponding clothes.
There is a fragment of the end of one of such a party. The player, the comander of the White Army, declared a mate in two moves. But at this time a White figure from the next platform appeared on the board (this moment is just embodied on the diagramme №5) alas, this mate did not take place …
What figure prevented to declare a mate in two moves?
The brisk Horse h1 appeared to be this figure.
If this Horse is down from the board, two moves lead to a mate 1.Qh8! Zugzwang! 5 points

The task №6


Here is the next chess platform (the diagramme №6), whence a White figure mentioned in the task №5 ran away. It was necessary to return the loss on the diagramme…
The position analysis shows that the place of the White Horse is in the field f8!

To the goal leads 1.h7! Zugzwang.
1 … Кg5 2.h8B; 2 points
1 … Кg7 2.Bh4; 2 points
1 … Ke7 2. h8Q; 1 point

The task №7

Drawn game

One more fragment of a duel of "live chess»! On the diagramme №7 one of Black figures was gone. From authentic sources it is known that it was seen on the diagramme №5.
The Black Castle b1 was this loss.

According to the author's idea after
1.Nc2 +! bc 2.Bd4 + Rb2 3. Кc1 Qh8 4.Bc3! Badly 4.B:h8 Nf6 5.gf Rb1 + 6. К:c2 b3 +! 7. Кd2 Rh1 8.Bg7 ef and the Black win.
4 … Qg7 5.Bc3 Qh8 6.Bd4 Qg7 7.Bc3 - an item drawn game.
Alas, this plan has a defect: after 7 … Qf6! The Black win all the same.
The task №7 is taken away from the competition.

The task №8. A chess question

This duel in «live chess» was preceded by a beautiful romantic history. Even a stamp was let out in 1981 in Italy in honour of this event. About what duel in «live chess» is there a speech?

The answerт:  There is a speach of a duel in «live chess» in Marostika (Italy). According to the legend originating since 1554, two young men applied for a hand of the daughter of the local lord. Under the laws of that time guys to reveal the happy elect, had to battle on the duel. Fortunately, the father of the girl forbid bloodshed, having suggested to reveal the future son-in-law in a chess duel. This chess game with «live figures» took place on the city square… Since 1554 the performance with «live chess» takes place on the same square every two years. A nice tradition as you can see! 3 points

The task №9


Let's remember once again the immortal lines from Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin's novel "Evgenie Onegin": «And Lensky with a Pawn takes his Castle absent-mindedly».
Quite possible that the position №9 found in the archive is that which appeared to be in the party between Vladimir Lensky and Olga Larina!

It was necessary to return the incorrect move of Lensky, playing White, and put a mate in two moves.
Enamoured Lensky by absent-mindedness beat his own Castle on е8 with a Pawn f7 and transformed a Pawn into the Elephant! We return a White pawn on f7 and a White castle on e8.
To a mate in two moves leads the effective move 1.Qd6!! 5 points

The task №10


The curious position №10 from one party between Larina and Lensky was found out in the same archive. The accompanying document was attached to the position «at this moment the fly sat down on the board. Olga, playing White, said to Vladimir laughing that if then she would make an Elephant of a fly, she would declare the Black a mate in three moves…» On what square of a chessboard did the fly sit down and how was Olga Larina going to put a mate in three moves?

We transform a fly who sat down on the field e4, into the White Elephant and we put a mate in 3 moves:
1. Кg1! Zugzwang.
1 … Кg5 2.Ne6 +; 2 points
1 … g5 2.Nd5; 2 points
1 … gh 2.N:h3. 1 point

The task №11


The history continuation about a fly! This time in the role of the insect was one of White Pawns. It is necessary to make an elephant of a fly and win a duel.
Let's change a White Pawn h5 for a White Elephant.

1.Nd5 +! Кd7! 1 point
Insipidly 1... Кe6 2.c8Q + R:c8 3.Bg4 + Кf7 4.B:c8 B:c8 5.a8Q, and the White win.
2.c8Q + R:c8 3.Bg4 + Кc6 4.B:c8 Bb7 5. Кd3! 3 points
5 … Ba8 6. Кc4 Bb7 7.a8Q! 4 points
7 … B:a8 8.Ba6! Bb7 9.Bb5#. 5 points

The task №12. A chess question

This nice man was a great admirer of chess game. Once Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin served under his heads in a certain southern organisation …
There is a drawing of our hero in fronf of you made by the hand of the great poet. You, dear marathon-racers, have only to give his surname only.


The answer: Inzov Ivan Nikitich. 3 points

The task №13


Dear solvers, let us "do some shooting" in the unusual shooting-gallery. It is necessary to bring down from the position-target №13 some White Pawns (no more than five!). After such an exploit move the Black King on such a field (don’t occupy the edge of the board!) to turn out a mate in two moves.
We Force down from the board five White Pawns - а2, b2, с2, d2 and е2 - and move the Black King on b4.
to a mate in two moves leads 1.Rа5! 2,5 points
b) it is enough to bring down three White Pawns e2, f2, h2 and move the Black King on g3.
to a mate in two moves in this case leads 1. Qh5! 2,5 points
In the variant b) with the Black King on g3 it is possible to bring down some more Pawns. But on condition that the base three of infantrymen e2, f2, h2 leave the board.
All these positions "open" by means of the move 1.Qh5! There are 16 such positions-twins! Obviously, the author of the composition №13 had to formulate the task more accurately demanding to find a position with the minimum number of the brought down pawns…

The task №14


One position-target more! To put a mate in three moves, it is necessary to bring down two White figures (it can appear a Pawn among these figures, but only one!)

a)We Remove two Horses from the board :
Solves 1.Qh5! Mutual Zugzwang.
1 … Ks6 2.d8B!; 1 … Kc7 2.Qс5; 1 … Ke6 2.d8R!; 1 … Ke7 2.Qс5.
2 points ( 0,5 points for every variant)
b) The Elephant and the Pawn с6.
are removed from the board.
Solves 1.d8N! Mutual Zugzwang.
1 … Kc5 2.Qе8; 1,5 points
1 … Ke5 2.Qh4. 1,5 points

The task №15

Drawn game

And now let's do some shooting and on Black figures too! It is necessary to beat out one of the Black figures from the board and find rescue.
There were two decisions in the task №15 too. a)We remove a Pawn g2:
1.Rf6 + Кg1! 2.Bf3 Rg2 +! 2 points
Does not win 2 … Rf2 because of the exact 3.Bc6!! Rg2 + 4. Кh7 h1Q + 5.Rh6 is with a drawn game. If the White Elephant were on the other field of the big diagonal now, the Black would win with a move 5 … Rg7 +! 6. К:g7 Q:B 3. Кh7! h1Q + 4.Rh6! Q:f3 5.Rg6 + Кh2 6.Rh6 + Кg2 7.Rg6 + with the eternal shah since the vertical «f» is inaccessible to the Black King because of Rf6. 4 points

b) we force down the Castle b2.
In this variant our marathon-racers had only to specify the following chain of moves:
1.Ra2 + Кe1 2.R:g2 h1Q 3.Bf3! And the White won’t strengthen their position. 1 point

The task №16. A chess question

In a due time he was the champion of Ukraine in chess. Later on this man won the World championship among the veterans. … About what hunter for chess trophies is there a speech?

The answer: In this question the key word-help was hid: "a hunter". As many marathon-racer correctly noticed, it is a question about a grand master Vladimir Ilich Ohotnik. In 1979 he became the champion of Ukraine, and in 2011 he won the World championship among the veterans. 3 points

And now we’ll introduce three best solvers of the 4th Chess Marathon. With nice results - 67 points from 67 possible! - the first place was occupied by Anatoly Kostenko from Zaporozhye area (we’ll remind, the task №7 is excluded from the competition). The second result has got Anatoly Handurin (63 points) from Kharkov. The third result (59 points) was shown by Henryk Kalafut from America. The three of the winners are awarded with diplomas of our site, and Anatoly Kostenko who occupied the 1st place is awarded with a book on history of Odessa. Our congratulations to the heroes of the 4th Chess Marathon!

Three brothers Kostenko. The winner of 4th Chess Marathon Anatoly Kostenko (the first on the left)

It’s high time to sum up the results of minicompetition «recover a composition» the conditions of which were published in the release №29. It was required to correct a two-step move from the far 1929 (№1)

№1. NN, 1929

#2                                                     10+6

The author after 1.Qg5! is threatened deadly by 2.Re2#.
Making use of the fact that the White Queen left the seventh line, the Black Battery «a Castle + a Pawn» can make three volleys, on what the White respond with three mate blows: 1... de + 2.Qg7#, 1... d6 + 2.Ng7#; 1... d5 + 2.Nd7#!
Unfortunately, except the author's decision there were three more possibilities to put a mate in two moves:
1.Qg7 + K:e6 2.Bf7#; 1.Ra5 + B:a5 2.ed# and the most artful 1.Nd6! B:d6 2.Qf6#.

Alexander Kostenko from Donetsk and the winner of the 4th Chess Marathon Anatoly Kostenko have attached a Queen in the field d8 and have recovered a composition. Anatoly Kostenko even sent a small poem devoted to this exploit:

What for to waste time in vain for us
And go to a casino in Davos?!
And if to rearrange a White Queen?.
I personally put a counter on d8!

Yes, the task is fulfilled, but … But all highlight is in it! Unfortunately, at «a counter on d8» the effect of change of the battery was gone, and, hence, in the initial position shahs … are already ready And it seriously impoverishes the problem.
The heroic attempt to save the effect of change of the battery was undertaken by Anatoly Handurin. (№1а).

№1а.NN, 1929
(A.Handurin's version)

#2                                                    12+9

1.Qg7 + and 1.Ra5 + it has got rid of collateral decisions by addition in a position of a Horse h8 and a Pawn b5. But justice on silent 1.Nd6? dc! demanded from Anatoly powerful changes (see the diagramme).
More economic edition of a plan of «changes of batteries» was offered by Igor Agapov from Izhevsk (№1b).

№1b.NN, 1929
(I.Agapov's correction)

#2                                                     11+8

1.Qg5! Threat 2.Re4#; 1... de + 2.Qg7#; 1... d6 +
2.Ng7#; 1... d5 + 2.Nd7#!
(1... K:e6 2.Re4#; 1 … Bd5 2.Nd7#)
Nicely works on the aura of the composition and a false attempt 1.Nd6? Bd5! 2.Nd7#??
R:d7!, and a formed battery «an Elephant and a Horse» has untied a Black Castle…
Our congratulations with your victory, Igor, in a minicompetition «recover a composition».
A series of cards with magic views of Odessa is waitng for you!

As we have already informed earlier, the 5th Chess Marathon will be held with the other rules. There will be 20 tasks published on our site at once, for the decision of which you will be given 45 calendar days exactly. Now the tasks are checked on various "wormholes" and will be published on the site on Friday on October, 3rd.

For now, for you not to be bored, try to solve some secrets of the following perfect etude. Attach the White King to the board and win a duel. A chess badge with the Odessa theme is waiting for the winner!


For the beginners of a chess marathon we inform electronic co-ordinates where it is necessary to send the answers to the tasks: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See you in a week on a chess page of "Perspectiva"!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko