Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №26. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

Two hot weeks have imperceptibly flown by! Today is Friday and we are glad to greet you again, dear fans of chess intrigues!
Before publishing the tasks of the next tour of the fourth Chess Marathon, we’ll disassemble tasks of the 3rd Chess Marathon and declassify the most skilful solvers


1 Tour (release №21)

The task №1

Imagine that the White Pawns on the diagramme №1 – are bowls of molluscs in which
Pearls sleep. If to get a bowl (to remove from the board a White Pawn) it can be a pearl in it there!..

There are three such pearls on the diagramme №1!
1) without a Pawn с2 solves 1.Qa4! 2 points
2) without a Pawn f6 to the purpose leads1.c4! 2 points
3) without a Pawn h4 solves 1.Qg3! 1 point
Some participants of the marathon were so fond of gathering pearls that began to remove some White Pawns from the board at once.
Alas, additional points are not provided for this work.

The task №2

The type-setter missed a White Castle on the diagramme №2, being enslaved by a beautiful plan of the composition. It was required to return a loss on the board and mate the Black King in three moves.
The task had two variants of the decision.
1) the White Castle is on g7.
1.fe! Кf6 2.e8N +!; 1,5 points
1 … К:d6 2.e8R! 1 point
2) the White Castle is on h7.
1.fe! Кf6 2.e8B!; 1,5 points
1 … К:d6 2.e8R! 1 point

The task №3

A White Pawn on the diagramme №3 has just made a wrong move (without a capture!). It was necessary to return backward this move and win a duel.
We return a wrong move of the White Pawn c7-c8B (a White Pawn is on с7)
1.Qd6 +! Q:d6 2. c8N +! Кc5 3.N:d6 К:d6 4.h4 Кd7 5.h5 Кe8 6.h6 Кf8 7.h7 Кf7 8.h8R! (8.h8Q? a2 + 9. К:b2 a1Q + 10. К:a1 b2 + 5. К:b2 a stalemate) with a prize. 5 points

The task №4. A chess question:
In 1946th at the opening of the International Chess tournament in Groningen the vocal quartet sung a Russian song after Dunaevsky «my native country is so wide»... Who were these vocalists?

The answer: These vocalists were the ex-world champion Max Ejve and his three daughterss. 3 points


2 Tour (release №22)

The task №5

One interesting find more was found out recently in the archive of one Vasyuky’s fan!
There is the end of the game from a session of simultaneous game on the diagramme №5. The following was written (it is quoted) on the saved sheet of paper : «Ostap Bender, playing White, could put a mate in two moves, but he himself managed to receive a mate in two moves».
What variant with a mate in two moves did not notice the player, and in what co-operative mate did he please himself? To tell the truth, it is not specified in the archival leaf in what way the White Pawns are moving… I’m sure that the experts on the novel "12 chairs" will easily guess where there is a field а1.
Before resulting the decision, let's remember the lines of the immortal novel after Ilf and Petrov once again :
«The grand master played e2-e4. Оstap did not indulge the opponents a variety of debuts. On the other twenty nine boards he did the same operation: he dragged a Royal Pawn from e2 to e4».
It means that the diagramme №5 is printed in the turned way!The correct edition of the position is the following (№5а).

The task №5a

After elegant 1. Фе6! (Zugzwang!) Ostap Bender could mate the rival on the following move: 1 … b3 2.Фе2#; 1 … Krb2 2.Ф:а2#; 1 … Krd3 2.0-0-0#. 2,5 points But he managed to receive a mate himself in two moves after a thunderous 1.Qb3 +??!!
«He offered even a Queen to the ran down at lecture brunette».
1 … K:b3 2.0-0-0 a1Q#! (A Queen, instead of a Castle!) 2,5 points
«The bolt from the blue was distributed in five minutes.
- A mate! - uttered to death frightened brunette indistinctly. – It is a mate to you , dear grand master!
Оstap analysed the position, shamefully named a Queen the Queen and grandiloquently congratulated the brunette on a prize ».
However, there are possible 12 moves more of the White Queen after which a co-operative mate takes place: 1 … Kb3 2.0-0-0 a1Q/R#.
For those who specified this chain of moves with a dual mate, the answer will be included as correct. But from the point of view of cleanliness of the plan and the immortal novel - accuracy is necessary!
I’m sure, if the leader of the marathon had written the help that it was the duel of Ostap Bender with the brunette, all the marathon-racers would have found the unique order of the moves.

The task №6

Showing to the pupils a nice problem №6, the trainer on purpose put a White figure (not a Pawn) on the board which prevented to carry out the task. It was necessary to find this hindrance and carry out the task under the diagramme.
In this position the Horse a8 was superfluous!
After 1.Qg3! There is a mutual Zugzwang on the board.
1... Bg1 2.Qf3! ~ 3.Qa8#; 2,5 points
1... B:g3 2.B:g3 (there is one Zugzwang more) 2 … K:b6 3. Bc7#. 2,5 points

The task №7

In one of the sessions of the simultaneous game, ordering White figures (№7), made a well- known trick – he stole a Black Castle standing on the brink of the board. And after all and without this "combination" the White could defeat! It was necessary to return a Black Castle on the board (the figure was not under fight!) and win a duel.
The Black Castle in the field h7 was stolen! After restoration justice solves
1.Nf8!! Rh8! (the strongest) 2 points
2.Kd7 R:f8 3.e6 +! 3 points
3 … Kg8 4.e7 Ra8 5.e8Q + R:e8 6.K:e8 h4 7.a6 h3 8.a7 h2 9.a8B! 5 points
Finale! After negligent 9.а8Q? h1Q 10.Q:h1the Black get a stalemate, and after 10.е4 Кh7 – there is a beaten drawn game.

The task №8. A chess question:
The citizen of Odessa represented in the photo for a long time was a big chess chief in the Soviet Union. You have only to name his surname!

The answer: Victor Davidovich Baturinsky. In due time he was the vice-president of Chess federation of the USSR (1974-1986). 3 points


3 Tour(release №23)

The task №9

If the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte had looked at the diagramme №9, he would necessarily tell: «Relieve me, My God, of such friends, and I will consult with my enemies !» It was necessary to get rid of White figures - of "friends" and carry out the task under the diagramme.
Funny, but two awesome White Castles are superfluous in this position!
If to remove them from the board, to the mate in two moves leads 1.Qh1!! 5 points

The task №10

In the position on the diagramme №10 it was necessary to return a Black Castle to turn out a mate in three moves on the board.
According to the author's idea, a place of a Black Castle is in the field b8.
Solves 1.Qe6! with a short threat 2.Qb6#.
1 … Ka7 2.Sc8 +; 1 point
1 … Kc7 2.Qd6 +, 1 point
1 … fe 2.Sc6 +. 1 point
But in the position on the diagramme №10 there was one parking more for a Black Castle where the task under the diagramme - a field e8- was carried out. In this case to a mate in three moves leads 1.Qb3 + Кc7 2.Qb6+Kd7 3.Qd6#! The man who found this possibility gets 2 points!

The task №11

The White Castle in the previous move hurried to take a Black figure and apparently from the position №11 the Black easily do a drawn game. It was necessary to return backward a move of the Castle and win a duel.
The White Castle a2 ate up a Black Horse with the last move.
We return these figures on the places and win a duel:
1.Kf4! Kg1 2.Kg3 h1N + 3.Kf3. 2 points
Game forks (points for each variant):
3 … Nb6 4.Rg2 + Kf1 5.Rb2! Ke1 6.Rb1 +! Kd2 7.R:b6; 1,5 points
3 … Nc7 4.Rg2 + Kf1 5.Rc2! Ke1 6.Rc1 +! Kd2 7.R:c7. 1,5 points
There are two echo-variants of a prize of a Knight in the baby!

The task №12. A chess question:
In 1999th Vladimir Chernous due to the director’s of the Odessa chess club will, for a period of one day was appropriated the rank of the International Master on a chess composition! This fact was confirmed by the archives of the State Odessa television. Guess, what was the cause for such an increase in the rank?

The answer: In 1999th, on the eve of commemorating of the 100th anniversary of the Odessa chess society, there was a big chess competition on the Odessa television devoted to this event. Except questions on a chess history the international master Yury Markovich Gordian suggested participants of the competition to solve problems’ and etudes’ opuses. But once the leader left for the festival on a chess composition to Chelyabinsk. And for one release he was changed by a first-rank sportsman Vladimir Mihajlovich Chernous. The director of the Odessa chess club Edward Valentinovich Pejhel appropriated Chernous the rank of the international master for solidity. 3 points A complicated question which has obeyed only to two marathon-racers.


4 Tour (release №24)

The task №13

Before preparing for printing the diagramme, there were 8 horizontal strips before the type-setter from which he collected a composition №13.
Really, after transformation of a Pawn into a Queen the inevitable mate will follow.Does the problem really have such a simple decision? Certainly not!
It was required to change places of two horizontals (having saved alternation of chromaticity of fields!) and mate the Black king in two moves.
The task №13 had two decisions.
1) to change among themselves the 5th and the 7th horizontals.
Solves 1.g8N! 2,5 points
2) to change among themselves the 3rd and the 5th horizontals.
Solves 1.f8B! 2,5 points

The task №14

A curious history happened to two bosom friends. Coming back in a car with reserved seats from a chess tournament, the young men on memory placed a problem №14 found in one ancient magazine on a board.
Alas,for a long time friends could not find the decision …
And suddenly on a sharp turn the car was pulled aside and all the figures on the board moved
On one number aside …. And, what a miracle, the problem was solved in a new wording!
Our marathon-racers had to solve a plan of the composition №14 in "the shifted" edition. And there were two decisions in this task!
1) at the position’s shift to the left solved
1.Bg8! Zugzwang. 1 … d6 2.Bg1!; 1 … dс 2.Rf7! 2,5 points
2) at the position’s shift to the right solved
1.Rh8! Zugzwang 1 … f6 2.Bh2!; 1 … fе 2.Bh7! 2,5 points

The task №15

The White on the diagramme №15 have just made the unsuccessful attack … It was necessary to return backward this move and win the fight. The variant with a White Elephant on с3 did not go to offset.
The place of a White Elephant e1 is in the field c2.
1.Bc1! 2 points
Badly 1. Кb4? c1Q! 2.B:c1 b1Q 3. Кa3 Qf5 and the Black win.
1... b1Ф 2. Кb4! a5 + 3. Кa3! 3 points
3 … Кf3 4.e6 Кe2 5.e7 Кd1 6.e8B!! (6.е8Q? Qа2 +! 7. К:а2 - a stalemate). A prize. 5 points The further is simple: 6 … Q:c1 + 7.N:c1 К:c1 8.B:g6 Кd2 9.B:c2 К:c2 10.g6 etc.

The task №16. A chess question
In 1927th the editional staff of the magazine «64» acted as the initiator of gathering money resources on the plane "Chess player N.V.Krylenko" construction. They collected exactly 454 roubles and 22 copecks that wasn’t, naturally, enough to build a plane. Where were these money attached?

The answer:the raised money to build the plane was not sufficed, and it was decided to pass the collected sum on … construction of the tank of a name of the readers of "The Pravda". As they say, they went down to earth! 3 points

Who became the winner of the 3rd Chess Marathon? The 1st - the 2nd place was divided again by two citizens of Kharkov: Valery Krivenko and Anatoly Handurin (each got 69 points from 72 maximum).

Surprisingly, but the lot has appeared again favourable to Valery Krivenko who receives Vladimir Chernous's book «The Notes of the Son of ″the enemy of the people ″». The 3rd place as well as in the 2nd Chess Marathon is at Anatoly Kostenko from the Zaporozhye area (67). The 4th place is at Igor Agapov from Izhevsk (64,5). The other marathon-rasers have considerably lagged behind the leading group. All prize-winners are awarded by diplomas of the site "Perspectiva".

Valery Krivenko - the winner of the 3rd Chess Marathon

And now accept the tasks of the 2nd tour of the 4th Chess Marathon.

The first two tasks are prepared for you by the international master from Poltava Vladimir Pogorelov..

The task №5

In one rest house they liked to play «live chess» where instead of wooden figures having a rest citizens acted who put on corresponding clothes. There is a fragment of the termination of one of such parties in front of you. The player, the commander of the White Army, declared a mate in two moves. But at this time the White figure from the next platform (this moment is just embodied on the diagramme №15)has run on a board and a mate, alas,has not taken place … What figure prevented to declare a mate in two moves? Specify this decision.

The task №6

Here is the next chess platform (the diagramme №6), whence the White figure mentioned in the task#5 had run away. Return this figure on the board and carry out the task.

Two subsequent tasks are picked up by the leader of a chess marathon.

The task №7
Drawn game

One more fragment of a duel of "live chess»! On the diagramme №7 one of Black figures was gone. From authentic sources it is known that it was seen on the diagramme №5. Return loss into its place and rescue the party.

The task №8. A chess question:
This duel in «live chess» was preceded by a beautiful romantic history. And in 1981st in Italy in honour of this event even the stamp was let out. What a duel in «live chess» there is a speech about?

For the beginners of a chess marathon we inform electronic co-ordinates where it is necessary to send the answers to the tasks: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See you in a week on a chess page of "Perspectiva"!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko