Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №25. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

It is already the twenty fifth time a chess heading «Move with a brain crinkle» is published!
In this release we, according to the established tradition, must do «the analysis of flights» of the Third Chess Marathon and for a release dessert publish the tasks of the 1st tour of the Fourth Chess Marathon.

But today we’ll break the traditions and we’ll pass to the "dessert" at once – we’ll publish the tasks of the Fourth Chess Marathon. And the analysis of the competitive tasks and the calculation of points typed by our marathon-racers we’ll make in following release. The matter is that many participants of the competition send their answers in the latest day that does almost impossible their operative processing.

I understand that it is a holiday-time and many of our participants prefer to forget about the computer for a while and spend time on the nature … And the competitive tasks are not so easy!
That is why starting from this release we’ll publish the tasks of the next tour once in two weeks that will allow to cope more attentively with artful designs of competitive "nutlets" and not forget about rest. Naturally the term of registration and sending tasks increases up to two weeks.

Now we are assured that nothing will prevent our marathon-racers from taking pleasure of merited rest and without excessive vanity and haste manage with chess "troubles".
So, accept the first quartet of tasks of the Fourth Chess Marathon!

Tour №1

The task №1

In newspapers and magazines the position of the problems are often given in the notation. And time, as it is known, does not spare letters. That is why it is difficult enough to a chess historian studying «the legends of old times» to define on what field there was this or that figure. Especially a lot of mess arises with verticals "c" and «e» owing to their similar writing …
On the diagramme №1 there is no Black King. The matter is that it is impossible to define from the notation, on what field of the vertical «c» or «e» it is registered. Dear marathon-racers, help please, to be defined with the arrangement of the Black leader to turn out the mate in two moves!

The task №2

On the diagramme №2 there is a position after the wrong move of the White (without a capture!). Return backward this move and carry out the task under the diagramme.

The task №3

The prize on the diagramme №3 is impossible for one reason: all the figures on the board are wrongly shifted on … Stop, there won’t be any help more! It is necessary for you, dear marathon-racers, to eliminate this misunderstanding and find the way to victory.

The task №4. A chess question


This well-known inhabitant of Odessa was a great admirer of chess.It happened so sometimes that after his musical performance he passed into the other hall and spent there … a simultaneous chess game! Name a surname of this bright person.

For the beginners of a chess marathon we inform electronic co-ordinates where it is necessary to send the answers to the tasks: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See you in a week on a chess page of "Perspectiva"!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko