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Part №23. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

Happy time of the day, dear fans of chess adventures! Today the Odessa chess composer Vladimir Mihajlovich Chernous will be the visitor of our heading.
How did he get acquainted with chess? What charms did chess composition charmed him with? Did our hero remember his first opus? Your obedient servant set these questions to Vladimir Mihajlovich …

«I was born in the far 1933rd. Till 13 years old I did not know that there was such a game as chess. There was no time for games then – those were lean years, war …

001The post-war childhood. Volodja Chernous (in the center). Kazakhstan, 1946

In 1946th someone presented me a complete set of figures and a board, I do not remember who that was. It appeared that my mother was familiar with this game. It was she who showed me how each figure moved; she explained how the party record was kept. Then I got the textbook of chess game and began to play the duels of grand masters and masters published there. Soon I began to play school tournaments. In young years I understood that chess is the most fascinating and mysterious game in the world!
In students’ years I supported the faculty team. In the days of my work on the Magnitogorsk metallurgical industrial complex I took part in all team and personal tournaments of the enterprise and soon became the captain of the team of our metallurgical industrial complex’s administration.
I participated in the city competitions too. The boring course of a duel did not suit me. I tried to play sharply and non-standardly, but very often, alas, it led to the points’ loss.
The companionable match on 20 boards between the teams of Magnitogorsk and Zlatoust in 1964 was remembered. I played for the team of Magnitogorsk on the 19th board! What combined team defeated in that the most interesting match I can not remember now. I only remember the duel on the first board where the champion of Magnitogorsk played with the 13-year-old champion of Zlatoust Anatoly Karpov. The future world champion played excellently and defeated our champion...
Having moved to Odessa, I went to work in the project institute where chess were very popular. I played its superiority, I became the first-rank sportsman … At that time almost all Odessa newspapers held competitions on decision of chess compositions. I began to take part in them. Several times I was the prize-winner of these competitions. Not badly I acted in the internal competitions as well.
Gradually I began to think if I could think up an interesting problem myself?
In the archive I found the first problem on a mate in five moves thought up in Magnitogorsk. I had absolutely forgotten about it! I did not remember its decision too and long enough could not get to the core of a plan of the problem!
Soon I got acquainted with a well-known Odessa authority in the problems’ genre - the master of sports of the USSR on chess composition Yury Gordian. I showed him this problem. He said that for the first time the product was excellent and sent my opus for publication to «The Vechernyaya Odessa».

«The Vechernyaya Odessa», 1980

1.Bс1! с3 2.Nd6 с4 3.Ngе4 с2 4.Nс5!! The point of intention.
4…К:с5 5.Bе3#; 4…Кс3 5.Nb5#; 4…с3 5.Nb3#.

I got books on chess composition and with pleasure began to learn the world of chess creativity.
A big role in my creative growth played remarkable Odessa chess poets Yury Gordian and Nikolay Rezvov...
But my second problem was published only in three years. In 1983rd the first Odessa festival on chess composition was held.
Dialogues with well-known Masters, participation in numerous competitions and creative discussions were really a great university of chess creativity for me.
My compositions began to appear in the Soviet and foreign chess press. For today it were published more than 700 problems and etudes by me.
In 1998th the American magazine «Strate Gems» on the basis of a selection of my problems declared a birth of a new subject in the chess composition named in my honour. Due to the will of the American problemist Isaak Kavnatsky it was held the anniversary competition by this magazine "Kavnatsky is 90" on «the subject of Chernous». There were more than 70 authors from 17 countries who took part in the competition who sent to Kavnatsky 132 problems!

A break between the World Cup tours on QuicK chess.
Ruslan Ponomarev and Vladimir Chernous (on the right). Odessa, 2009

I’m a great admirer of collective creativity. I’ve got more than 30 co-authors from different countries.
In 2000 for successful performances in personal superiorities of Ukraine on chess composition I was awarded the rank of “The candidate for the master of sports”.

And now, dear marathon-racers, you are waited by a selection of the tasks taken from the creative archive of our hero. I will notice that Vladimir Chernous's book «Notes of the son of ″the enemy of people ″» with the autograph of the author will be the prize for the winner of the Third Chess Marathon.

Task №9

If the emperor Napoleon Bonaparte looked at the diagramme №9, he necessarily would tell: «Relieve me, My God, of such friends, and I will manage with my enemies!» Get rid , dear marathon-racers, of White figures - "friends", too, to carry out the task under the diagramme.

Task №10

In the position on the diagramme №10 a modest 1.Qh6 leads to a mate in three moves! But not all is so simple with the task, dear solvers! A man playing White figures before this move repeated a well-known "exploit" of Ostap – he had stolen a Black Castle from the board. Return this figure on the board and solve a problem.

Task №11

In the previous move the White Castle hurried to take a Black figure and as it is seen from the position №11,the Black easily do a drawn game. Return back a move of a Castle with a capture and win a duel.

The task №12. Chess question
Due to the director of the Odessa chess club in 1999th Vladimir Chernous, for a period of one day, was appropriated the rank of the International Master on chess composition ! This fact has found the confirmation in the archives of the State Odessa television. Guess, what was the cause for such an increase in the rank?

For the beginners of a chess marathon we inform electronic co-ordinates where it is necessary to send the answers to the tasks: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See you in a week on a chess page of "Perspectiva"!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko