Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №21. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

The second chess marathon has approached the logic end. In this release we give start to the third chess marathon. But before starting tasks of a new chess action, let's disassemble decisions of chess "nutlets" of the second marathon.


Tour №1

The task №1

In the problem №1 it was necessary to remove one of White figures and mate the Black King in two moves. The figure-hindrance is the Pawn a6. After its leaving from the board a jump of the Horse solves: 1.Na2! 5 points .

The task №2

On the diagramme №2 the first move of the White King obviously was not where necessary … It was required to return a move of the White King and put a mate in three moves.
The White withdraw the last move 1. Кd4-с5 (the White King is on d4).
Solves 1.Bg2!! With a sacrificial threat 2.Qh5+! Кf5 3.B:h3#; 2...К:h5 3.Bf3#. 2 points 1...hg 2.h3+!; 1...Nb5+ 2.Ке3!; 1...Nf5+ 2.Q:f5+! 1 point for each variant

The task №3
A drawn game

To rescue a duel on the diagramme №3, the marathon-racers had to move a White pawn d5 on the other field on the 5th horizontal…
As the analysis showed, the place of the White Pawn is in the field h5.
To the goal leads 1.Bg3! h1Q. 2 points
The eternal shah after 1...g1Q 2.Bс4+ Кg2 3.Bd5+ Кh3 4.Bе6+ Кg2 5.Bd5+ etc.
2.Bс4+ Кg1 3.Кg4! 3 points
3…Qh2 4.Bd5! Qh1! 5.Bс4! Qh2! 6.Bd5! Qh1 5.Bс4, an item drawn game. 5 points

The task №4. chess question:
In the beginning of 1983 (it is just in a year after the disintegration of their well-known collective!) these two musicians arrived to Moscow on purpose to get acquainted better with the country’s atmosphere about which there will go in their new piece of music … Who were these two musicians, and what did they conceive?

The answer: It is a question about Bjoern Ulveus and Benn Andersson – the men's half of a well-known Swedish quartet «АBBА» - who conceived to create a musical under the name «Chess». 3 points .


Tour №2

The task №5

One of White figures on the diagramme №5 disturbs to mate in two moves. It was necessary to remove this figure and carry out the task under the diagramme. Attension: the mate in one move does not go in offset!
The problem was with a dirty trick…
а) If to remove a White Castle с5, to the goal leaded a tempo 1.Qа7+. 1 point
b) Without a Pawn d2 solved quiet 1.Rd5! 4 points
Some participants offered the third variant of the decision too – without a Horse f3. In this case the White mate in two moves with a loud 1.R:f5 +. But what for, tell me, to mate in two moves when it is possible to slam the Black Monarch on the first move: 1.Qg2#. And after all the leader warned that the mate in one move will not go in offset.

The task №6

In the problem №6 conditions are the same as well as in the previous problem - it is necessary to remove a White figure and to put a mate on the second move…
And this composition was with a dirty trick!
а) Without a Castle b2 to a mate on the second move leads 1.Rе3+. 1 point
b) Without a Castle с3 to a mate on the second move leads 1.Rе2+. 1 point
с) The most effective decision arises without a Pawn g6. To the goal leads only 1.Rg2!! 3 points
Some participants of the marathon wrote to the leader that without a Pawn g6 in two moves it is possible to put a mate in two ways: 1.Rg2 and 1.Rg3.
You were mistaken, dear solvers! To the goal leads only 1.Rg2!! After 1.Rg3? The Black postpone a mate with an elegant protection 1 … Qd3!
Unfortunately, those who specified that without a Pawn g6 the White have got two ways to a mate, recieve zero estimation for this variant…

The task №7
A drawn game

A White King has just made a wrong move (without a capture!). It was necessary to return back this move and find rescue from inevitable 1 … b1Q.
As well as in a well-known Russian fairy tale, the White King has three possibilities to solve the task . But unlike a fairy tale, all the three ways lead to a happy rescue!
1) Let’s begin with the easiest. At the White King on b6 the eternal shah rescues: 1.Nа6+ Ка4 2.Nс5+ Кb4 3.Nа6+ Ка4 3.Nс5+ etc. 0,5 points
2) If to assume that the White King is in the field d5, the way to rescue is more difficult!
1.Bf4! K:a5 2.Kc4! b1Q 3.Bc7+ with a drawn game. After 1 … b1Q 2.Nc6 +! Kр ~ 3.B:c1 + White racers successfully confront with an enemy Queen (a neutral rack!). 1,5 points
3) ) the most effective way to rescue at the White King on с7 (the author's plan). 1.Ne4!! b1Q 2.Nc6+! Кa3! 3.Сd6+ Кb2 4.Be5+ Кc2 5. Nc3! Qa1 (5…Qb2 6.Nb5!!) 6.Na2! Qb1 7.Nc3! - the item drawn game. 3 points

The task №8. A chess question
This case occurred at the beginning of the last century on the tournament in Petersburg. The party between the well-known chess matadors Blackburn and Gunsberg ended with a victory of Blackburn. But not this fact became a history! This duel became well-known thanks to the phrase told by the winner after the end of a duel. What a phrase is this?

The answer: 72-year-old Blackburn told the defeated 59-year-old Gunsberg literally the following:
- You are still too young to compete with me.
Variant «you are young still to conquer me!» goes to offset as well. 3 points


Tour №3

The task №9

The player playing White on the diagramme №9 unintentionally brought down his King from the board. There was no time left on his watches. But the player managed to return the White King on the board and put a mate in two moves…
The participants of the marathon had also to repeat the heroic deed of this player.
Unlike the chess player, our мmaratho-racers had a lot of time for meditation. That is why they have already found six (!) fields in the bottom half of the board where a White Monarch could be.
1) the King on e1 (the author's plan): solves 1.Qa3! 3 points
2) the King on b4: 1.Kc5!; 3) the King on g4: 1.K:f4!
And there are two positions more in which the White King could be in check.
4) the King on b2: 1.B:c3; 5) the King on g3: 1.K:f4.
Each variant 0,5 points .

The task №10
#3 (The Black start and mate)

In the archive of one of Vasyuki’s fans, battling in a historical session against Ostap Bender, the position №10 was found. Near to the diagramme it was written (it is quoted): «when the grand master had stolen one my figure, I, at the move, could put a mate in three moves». Alas, which figure had Bender stolen, the chess player did not inform…
But our players could find positions in which without one Black figure (not a Pawn) the mate in three moves is possible. And there are three such positions!
1) an Elephant d8 is removed from from the board. Solves 1.Rc8! Mutual Zugzwang, 1...b3, Ke5 2.Rc5; d4 2 points
2) a Castle e8 is removed from the board. Solves 1.Be7! with a threat 2.Bf8. 1 point
3) a Horse h8 is removed from the board. Solves 1.Rh8! Mutual Zugzwang, 1...b3,Ke5 2.Rh5!,d4 2 points

The task №11

This position, they say, happened in the last party of a session of Ostap Bender in Vasyuki. As it is known, having not found the best continuations, the player stole a Castle from the one-eyed fan…
It was necessary to return the last move of the White and without any radical means find the way to victory.
The last move of the White: the Pawn c5 has beaten the Pawn b6.
Solves 1.c6+! 1 point
1…K:c6 2.Nb4+ Kb7 3.Nd6+ Ka7! 2 points
4.Kc8! Ra5! 4 points
(Or 4…Ra1 5.N:b5 Ka8 6.Nc7 Ka7 7.Nc6#)
5.Ne8! with the inevitable 6.Nc7 and 6.Nc6#! 5 points .

The task №12. A chess question:
It is always pleasant to the writer to receive warm messages from his readers. Once the author of the well-known work on history of chess Harold Merrej received a grateful letter from one English policeman. In the letter the guard gave thanks to the historian for the fundamental and volume work. What had served as a reason for such a touching letter?

The answer: the Policeman was a big fan of this ancient game and constantly carried the book of Merreja «History of chess» with himself. Once, during firing with predators, the bullet got into this thick book and got stuck in it. This nuance saved the life of the policeman. The guard wrote to the author of the historical work about this happy rescue! 3 points


Tour №4

The task №13

On her birthday one young lady-chess-player was presented a nice cake in the form of a chessboard (№13) by her friends. Every figure in this culinary masterpiece was made of White and Black chocolate. Friends suggested the young lady, whose name-day was, to regale on one white figure, that in a new position it was possible to mate the Black King in two moves.
The girl nicely coped with this tasty task! It was required from our participants to "eat" a White figure and mate the Black King in two moves.
Certainly, the birthday woman regaled on a Horse с3!
Solves 1.Rh6! Zugzwang. 5 points
Some participants, remembering about "footboards" of the leader, suggested to "eat" the White King!
Really, without the leader the mate is given in one move - 1.Rh4#/. But what fight can be without the commander-in-chief?! Therefore, points for this witty trick will not be charged…

The task №14
#3 (The Black start and mate)

Under the specified information, in the position №14 Ostap Bender stole not one but two Black figures!. But the fan did not begin to call the player for order. Even without two Black figures he could put a mate in three moves!
There are already three possible variants of succession of events!
1) we remove a Castle e8 and an Elephant d8:
The decision: 1.Nf7! – 2.Nd8 and 3.Nc6#. 1,5 points
2) we remove a Castle e8 and a Horse h8:
The decision: 1.Be7! – 2.Bf8 и 3.Bg7#. 1,5 points
3) we remove an Elephant d8 and a Horse h8:
The decision: 1.Rc8! Zugzwang.
1…b3 2.Rc5 Кe5 3.d4#. 1 point
1…Кe5 2.d4 b3 3.Rc5 (Re8)#. 1 point

The task №15
Drawn game

On the diagramme №15 there is the ending of one of the parties of a session of simultaneous game of Ostap Bender in Vasyuki. A catching reflex played a bad trick with Ostap - imperceptibly for associates he removed a Castle, a Horse and a Pawn from the board of the Black. Alas, this "combination" did not rescue the player from his defeat: the Black pawn is just about to turn into a Queen...
And after all neutral happiness was so close! To rescue a duel, it was necessary to set up the figures stolen by Ostap on the board
We return the Black figures stolen by Ostap: a Castle - on b1, a Horse - on c1, a Pawn - on a2. After this procedure the White achieve equality:
1.Nd4! g5! 2.Ng4 h6! 2 points
3.Kh3 h5 4.Kh2! g4! 3 points
5.Kg2 h3 6.Kh2 h4 7.Nb3+! N:b3, a stalemate. 5 points

The task №16. A chess question:
The remarkable pianist and the great admirer of chess Jacob Flier did not favour too purely sport’s element in art. On the question of a journalist how to define who plays the piano better, Flier responded… It was necessary to guess, what recipe for the definition of "the best" was given out by the well-known musician.

The answer: «On whom more spectators go, that is the best!» - answered Flier to the meticulous journalist. 3 points


And the answer to the question who is the winner of the Second Chess Marathon of the site "Perspectiva", you’ll learn in following release of a chess heading. Wait exactly for one week.
Today we start the Third Chess Marathon!

Tasks №1 and №2 were prepared for you by the International Chess Master Vladimir Pogorelov.

The task №1

Imagine that White Pawns on the diagramme №1 – are the shells of molluscs, in which Pearls sleep. If to get a shell (to remove a White pawn from the board) it can be a pearl in it!
So, dear solvers, how many pearls will you be able to get to carry out the task under the diagramme?

The task №2


A type-setter missed a White Castle on the diagramme №2, being enslaved by a beautiful plan of a composition. Return the loss on the board and put mate in three moves.

The task №3

Just now a White Pawn has made a wrong move on the diagramme №3 (without a capture!). It is necessary to return this move and find the way to the victory.

The task №4. A chess question:
In 1946 at the opening of the international chess tournament in Groningen the vocal quartet sang in Russian a song by Dunaevsky «so wide is my native country» ... Who were these vocalists?

For the beginners of our chess marathon I inform our electronic co-ordinates where it is necessary to send the answers to the tasks, once again: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See you in a week on a chess page of "Perspectiva"!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.