Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №20. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

Happy time of the day, dear chess experts! The 2nd chess marathon has already come to its finish. In this release we offer you the tasks of the final tour. In the following release of a chess page we’ll declassify tasks and declare the names of the winners. And now, let’s start our way on boundless open spaces of a chess continent!

Let's begin our travel with traditional problems on a mate in two and three moves which were picked up for you by a remarkable Ukrainian chess composer and solver Vladimir Pogorelov.


On her birthday one young lady-chess-player was presented a nice cake in the form of a chessboard by her friends. Every figure in this culinary masterpiece was made of White and Black chocolate. Friends suggested the young lady, whose name-day was, to regale on one white figure, that in a new position it was possible to mate the Black king in two moves.
The girl nicely coped with this tasty task! Dear marathon-racers, try to "eat" a White figure and mate the Black king in two moves, too.

#3 (The Black begin and mate)

Don’t be surprised, dear solvers, it is not an error of a type-setter! It is really the diagramme №10 from the previous release of a chess marathon. Under the specified information, in this position Ostap Bender stole not one but two Black figures! But the fan did not begin to call the player for order. Even without two Black figures he could put a mate in three moves!
What two Black figures (not pawns!) it is necessary to remove from the board to carry out the task under the diagramme? As you have already known, the fan played the Black. Therefore it is necessary to send the decision in unusual numbering (1. A move of the Black, a move of the White. 2. A move of the Black, a move of the White. 3. A mate move of the Black)

Drawn game

On the diagramme №15 there is the ending of one of the parties of a session of simultaneous game of Ostap Bender in Vasyuki. A catching reflex played a bad trick with Ostap - imperceptibly for associates he removed a Castle, a Horse and a Pawn from the board of the Black. Alas, this "combination" did not rescue the player from his defeat: the Black pawn is just about to turn into a Queen…
And after all neutral happiness was so close! Return the figures stolen by Ostap on the board and show the rescue.

№16. A chess question:
The remarkable pianist and the great admirer of chess Jacob Flier not too favoured purely sport’s element in art. On the question of a journalist how to define who plays the piano stronger, Flier responded…
Try to guess, what recipe for the definition of the "strongest" was given out by the well-known musician?

For the beginners of our chess marathon I inform our electronic co-ordinates where it is necessary to send the answers to the tasks, once again: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

See you in a week on a chess page of "Perspectiva"!!!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.