Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №18. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

Happy time of the day, dear marathon – racers and fans of chess secrets!
In this release we’ll declassify the tasks of the final, the fourth stage of our marathon (the 13th- the16th tour), and we’ll bring the competition adjusted totals of the competition....


The 13th tour



According to the task one of the White pawns on the diagramme №49 prevents to reach the Black king. It was required to remove a pawn-hindrance from the board (do not touch the pawn с3 !) and put a mate in two moves.
As it is easily to be convinced that in the problem №49 White easily mate in the set number of moves, having set the pawn f4 on any of two fields. Paradox is in that it is possible to put a mate without this pawn in two moves!
If to remove the pawn f4, the purpose conducts effective1.Rf1!! Zugzwang. 5 points
1...е3 2.Rf4#; 1...gfQ+ 2.Q:f1#; 1...b5 2.Q:е4#.


To carry out the task under the diagramme №50, it was necessary to recolour two figures…
For this purpose it was necessary to "paint" into white a queen g7 and a horse е6.
To the mate in three moves conducts 1.Фе7! with a threat 2.Фа3. 1 point
1...b4 2.Ф:b4+; 1...d4 2.Ф:d7; 1...g4 2.Ф:h4; 1...Кс5 2.Ф:с5; 1...Се1 2.Ф:g5. 0,8 points for every variant.
I’ll notice that it was possible to recolour two figures so into white that the mate in one move turned out to be. Here are these two possible arrangements: Qg7 Nd7 (1.Q:e5#) and Nd7 Ne6 (1.Ndc5#). Alas, balls were not charged for an overfulfillment of the task, as in the task it was required to put a mate precisely in three moves!


After the author to the victory conducts 1.Rg1+ Ke2 2.Nf4+ Kd2 3.Rg2+ e2! 4.R:e2+ Kc1 5.Nd3+ Kd1! 6.Kf3! b1Q 7.Ke3! Qa2 (7...Qc1+ 8.N:c1 K:c1 9.Kd3 b2 10.Re1#) 8.Re1+ Kc2 9.Rc1#! 5 points.
Alas, in this nice plan there were some collateral decisions. Here is one of them: 2.Ng5! Кd3 3.Nf3 Кc2 4.Ne1 + Кd2 5.Ng2 etc.

№52. The chess question sounded so:
«Once Bernard Shaw had dinner at the restaurant. Loudly sounding music prevented the writer to talk with the colleague.
- What to play in your honour? - The conductor of the orchestra … asked the eminent master…
How do you think, what wish was voiced by witty Bernard Shaw?»

Ответ: The answer: Bernard Shaw asked the conductor to play … a chess set! 3 points.


The 14th tour



One of the White figures on the diagramme №53 prevents to carry out the task. It was necessary to take away this hindrance and carry out the task.
As the attentive analysis shows, there are two such figures preventing to mate in two moves!
Without a horse «g7» (the author's plan): 1.Bh8! 2,5 points
Without an elephant «b2»: 1.Nh5! 2,5 points


In the problem №54 marathon-racers were required to remove a figure-hindrance from the board.
The modest pawn e6 (the author's plan) was this hindrance. After its leaving from the board 1.Ng5!! Zugzwang.
solves the problem 1...Ке5 2. Nе6; 1...К:g4 2.Кf6; 1...К:g5 2.Qg3. 2,5 points
The black pawn g6 could be one hindrance more. Without its presence two ways conduct to a mate in two moves: 1.Kf6! K:g4 2.Ng5 1 point; 1.e7! Zugzwang. 1…Ke5 2.e8Q+; 1…K:g4 2.Qg3+.1,5 points


It is clear that without changes in the position on the diagramme №55 it will not turn out to win.
It was necessary to add one white pawn in the bottom half of the board.
Certainly, the White pawn should be in the field g4!
To victory conducts 1.Kf4! (1.gh g5!, a drawn game) 1 point
1...g5+ (1...Kg7 2.Bd4+) 2.hg+ Kg6 3.Be3! 3 points
Badly 3.gh +? К:h5 4. Кf5 h6 5.g6, a stalemate. Or 3. Bd4? B:g4 4. К:g4 h6 5.gh К:h6, a drawn game.
4.h6 4.gh K:h6 5.Kf5+ with victory. 5 points

№56. A chess question:
In «The Instruction for spectators of chess tournaments», printed in 1869 by the German chess union, there were … seven empty pages!
And only the unique phrase flaunted on the title!
What was this phrase?

The answer: there was written on the title «Halten Sprache nach Zahne!», that in translation into Russian means - «Keep the mouth shut!» 3 points.


The 15th tour



On the diagramme №57 one of the White figures traditionally prevents to mate in two moves ….
And this hindrance - a White castle! Without its presence to the purpose conducts 1.Кb4! Zugzwang. 5 points
1...Кb6 2.Qf2# (there is no white castle!); 1...Ка8 2.Q:а6#; 1...а5+ 2.Q:а5#; 1...b6 2.Qf7#.


One of the pawns on the diagramme №58 One of the pawns on the diagramme
Except the author's plan with a White pawn on g3 there was one position more with a White pawn on а2!
With a White pawn on g3 solves 1.Bb2! There is also no protection against maneuver 2.Bh8 3.Qg7#. 2,5 points
With a White pawn on а2 there are two decisions. The first: 1.Qе5 with a threat 2. Bb2 1 point
The second: 1.Qh8 with a threat 2.Сb2(f8). And after 1...Кg6 solves 2.Qg8+. 1,5 points


According to Alexey Alekseevich Troitsky's doctrine, a position on the diagramme №59 benefit of the White. It was necessary to find a field for a Black elephant and to win a duel. The variant with a capture of an elephant on the first move did not go to offset!
The place for a Black elephant in the field is h7!
Wins harmonious interaction of all White figures:
1.Kb4!! 2 points
1…Kh8 2.Kc3! 3 points
1…Bg8 3.Nb4 Bh7! 4 points
4.Nc6(d3) Bg8 5.Ne5 Ba2 6.Kb2 Bd5 (6...Bg8 7.N:g6#!) 7.N:g6+ Kg8 8.Ne7+ with victory 5 points

№60. A chess question:
To this well-known chess player who twice won the championship of the USSR, at the beginning of his star career prophesied successes in … basketball! Whom is there a speech about?

The answer: Certainly, it is the Odessa grand master Efim Petrovich Geller! At the beginning of the chess career he played basketball nicely! 3 points


The 16th tour



In the problem on the diagramme №61 one of White figures prevents to carry out the task.
It was required to remove this figure...
We remove a horse h3 and we give a mate in two moves: 1.Rf4! 5 points


The task under the diagramme №62 said (I quote literally!): «it won’t turn out to mate in three moves in the position on the diagramme №62 And for this mate to take place, you, dear marathon-racers, are allowed to recolour one of White figures …»
Many skilled marathon-racers stumbled on this problem! The matter is that the mate in three moves on the diagramme is really possible! The last move of the Black could be: 0 … a2 or 0 … b3: ~ a2 so, after any rebound of a Horse the task is carried out: 1.N~ К:b2 2. Qс2+ with the subsequent mate. 1 point
And it was necessary to recolour into Black a pawn b2
Solves 1.Qа6! аbQ(B) 2.Bb3+ 2 points; 1...аbN 2.Bс2+ 2 points

See the task

On the diagramme №63 63 the White have just only wrongly took a Black castle and, of course, should lose after 1 … с1Q. It was necessary to return a wrong move, and find an accurate way to the victory.
During the last move the White elephant d5 took the Black castle on e6.
We return a move 1.Bd5: Re6 and win:
1.Кg3+ Кg1 2.Bf2+ Кg1 3.Bc4+ Re2 4.Кf3 c1N! 2 points
5.Bb5! (But not 5. Bа6? с6! 6.Bс4 с5 7.Bа6 с4 8.B:с4 Nd3 9.B:d3, a stalemate) 3 points
5…c6 6.Ba6! c5 7.Bc4 Nd3 8.B:d3 c4 9.B:e2#. 5 points

№64 A chess question
A successful protection of his thesis for a doctor's degree took place at the well-known Sorbonna university where under the decision of the academic council he received a degree of the Doctor of Law. About what chess player is there a talk?

The answer: It is a question about the fourth world champion Alexander Aleksandrovich Alekhin. 3 points
But not all is so smooth in this question, dear marathon-racers…
In the solid works studying life and creativity of Alexander Alekhin, it is written that in 1925 he successfully protected in Sorbonne the thesis for a doctor's degree on the subject «The Imprisonment System in China», and the degree of the Doctor of Law was appropriated to him. That is why Alekhin since 1925 for solidity also added a word ‘doctor” to the surname...
However, according to a directory «The Oxford Companion to Chess», Alekhin … did not protect the thesis for a doctor's degree in 1925!! There are no mentions of this protection and during other time.
It comes out that the chess genius in «an unilateral order» appropriated the doctor's degree...

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And now let's sum up the fourth intermediate finish and declare the winners of a chess marathon.
Two Kharkov-citizens passed the fourth stage without losses - Valery Krivenko and Anatoly Handurin (72 points). One point was conceded to a duet of winners by Anatoly Kostenko who stumbled on the problem №62 …
By the results of all four stages, six of the best marathon-racers look so:
The 1st place: Anatoly Handurin (282 points from 288 possible);
The 2nd place: Vladislav Tarasyuk (265,3);
The 3rd place: Anatoly Kostenko (263,5)
The 4th place: Valery Krivenko (254);
The 5th place: Valery Kopyl (248)
The 6th place: Igor Maksimenko (223,5)
Our congratulations to the heroes of the first chess marathon! Six best hunters for chess secrets are awarded with diplomas of the site "Prospectiva", and the winner will manage to have a valuable prize - a gift series of books about the history of Odessa.

And now accept the tasks of the next tour of the second chess marathon!


One of the White figures on the diagramme №5 prevents to mate in two moves. Remove this figure and you will carry out the task under the diagramme. Do not offer a mate in one move


In the problem №6 there are similar conditions - it is necessary to remove a White figure and to put a mate accurately on the third move…

Drawn game

The White king has just made a wrong move (without a capture!). Return this move back and find a rescue from inevitable 1 … b1Q

№8. A chess question
This case occurred in the beginning of the last century on the tournament in Petersburg. The party between well-known chess matadors Blackburn and Gunsberg, ended with a victory of Blackburn. But not this fact became a history! This duel became well-known thanks to the phrase told by the winner after the end of a duel. Try to reproduce this phrase, dear marathon-racers.

Meet you in a week!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.