Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №19. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

I am glad to greet you again, dear fans of chess intrigues! In our marathon which passes now in 4 tours, new solvers participate. It should please!
There were changes in the team of organizers of the competition as well. From this release the problems will be selected by the champion of Europe in the team of Ukraine, a repeated champion of Ukraine on the decision of problems and etudes, the international master from Poltava Vladimir Pogorelov. Volodya as nobody other nicely understands problems’ subtleties, and our solvers are going to meet serous tests! As for me, I’ll deal with etude tasks and chess questions …

So, accept the next portion of chess "nutlets"!


Playing with White on the diagramme №9 9 has unintentionally brought down his own king from the board. It is nearly no time left. But the player managed to return the White king on the board and to put a mate in two moves. Dear marathon- racers, find a haven for the white king in the bottom half of the board and declare a mate in two moves.

#3 (The Black start and mate)

In the archive of one of Vasyukin’s fans, battling in the historical session against Ostap Bender, the position №10. was found.
It was written near the diagramme (it is quoted): «when the grand master has stolen one my figure, I, at the move, could put a mate in three moves». Alas, which figure was stolen by Bender, the chess player did not inform …
Dear marathon- racers, what Black figure (not a pawn!) it is necessary to remove from the board to carry out the task under the diagramme?
The fan played Black, therefore it is necessary to send the decision in unusual numbering (1. A move of the Black, a move of the white. 2. A move of the Black, a move of the White. 3. A mating move of the Black)


This position, they say, happened in the last party of the session of Ostap Bender in Vasyuki. As it is known, without having found the best continuations, the player stole a castle from the one-eyed fan.
But we won’t steal figures! Let's better return the last move of the White and without radical means show the way to the victory.

№12. A chess question:
It is always pleasant to the writer to receive warm messages from the readers. Once the author of a well-known work on history of chess Harold Merrej received a grateful letter from one English policeman. In the letter the guard gave thanks to the historian for his fundamental and volume work. What served as a reason of such a touching letter?

See you in a week on a chess page of "Perspectiva"!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko .