Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №16. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

I am glad to greet you again, dear marathon racers! Very soon there will be a big photo report from the 8th European championship which took place at the end of April in Kiev.

Valery Kopyl and Anatoly Handurin, our marathon racers, took part in this significant competition too. In the open-tournament Handurin with 20 points from 60 possible divided the 52nd – the 53rd places among 72 participants. No trouble, in the career of any outstanding sportsman there are annoying failures. And our second marathon racer acted more successfully! In the open-tournament Valery Kopyl occupied the 1st place! 44,5 points have obeyed him, that is 2,5 points more than the eminent grand master from Poland Peter Murdzi got. Our congratulations to Valery!

Unfortunately, the main Ukrainian team headed by Kopyl, appeared to be in a step from medals, having conceded the 3rd place to the team of Russia...

And now about the main thing! During the European championship many solvers were coming to me with the request to make changes into the regulations of our marathon. They would have liked to take part in the competition but how to catch up with the leading group?..

Meeting half-way these wishes, we make changes to the terms of carrying out of a marathon. Instead of a year the present marathon will consist of 4 intermediate stages (16 releases) and then we’ll name a surname of the winner. Further on, we’ll held a marathon every month, traditionally publishing tasks once a week. Then after 4 tours, we’ll name a surname of the winner and we’ll give start to a new marathon. This innovation will allow the solvers to join the struggle without expecting long 12 months … The Prize to the winner of every month is a book on history of Odessa.

Attention, so with this tour we finish the annual cycle!


In a problem on the diagramme №61 one of White figures prevents to carry out the task. Remove a figure-hindrance and put a mate in two moves.


It will not turn out to declare a mate in three moves in the position on the diagramme №62 And if you want this mate to take place, you, dear marathon racer, are allowed to recolour one of White figures…

See the task

On the diagramme №63 the White just wrongly took a Black castle and, of course, should lose after the move 1 … с1Q. Return a move of the White and find an accurate way to the victory.

№64. A chess question
A successful protection of his thesis for a doctor's degree took place in the well-known Sorbonna university where under the decision of the academic council he received a degree of the Doctor of Law. About what chess player there is a speech?

Meet you in a week!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.