Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №15. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

Happy time of the day, dear marathon - racers!

In today's release we’ll sum up the third intermediate finish and name the surnames of the heroes of this stage.

As you have obviously learnt from the release №13, the problem №38 has appeared a difficult enough "nutlet". In it, except the author's plan, there were five more various variations where a mate in three moves took place. No wonder that many marathon-racers were confused in such a net…

Two participants have completely understood the artful designs of this composition. They are Valery Krivenko and Anatoly Handurin who became the winners of the third intermediate finish with the maximum score: 72 points of 72 possible!

The third place possesses Anatoly Kostenko with 68 points. In the problem mentioned above he found all the positions, but, alas, lost sight of the author's plan...

The winner of the first intermediate finish Valery Kopyl has typed only 56 points.
Obviously a lot of forces and time took one of the best solvers of Ukraine and of the world on preparation of the 8th European championship on the decision of chess compositions where he acted simultaneously in two person - as the organizer and as the participant…

Taking into account the third intermediate finish, six of the best marathon-racers are the following:
The 1st place with a solid separation is at Anatoly Handurin (210 points); the 2nd is at Vladislav Tarasyuk (197,8 points); the 3rd is at Anatoly Kostenko (192,5points). Further on there are two Valerys - Kopyl and Krivenko with 182 points each of them and Igor Maksimenko with the luggage of 168 points … closes the best of the six…

Accept, dear marathon-racer, the next portion of chess "nutlets" of the 15th round!


On the diagramme №57 one of the White figures prevents to mate in two moves. Remove a hindrance and you’ll carry out the task.


One of Pawns on the diagramme №58 is not of the proper colour! Recolour a Pawn to mate in three moves.


According to Alexey Alekseevich Troitsky's doctrine, a position on the diagramme №59 is to benefit of the White. Find a field for a Black Elephant and show the way to the victory. The variant with a capture of the Elephant on the first move won’t go to offset.

№60. A chess question
This well-known chess player who twice won the championship of the USSR, at the beginning of his star career was prophesied successes in … basketball! Name the surname of this chess player.

Meet you in a week!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.