Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №14. Let's stir a brain crinkle?!

The heading leader of our chess marathon has just returned from the 8th European Championship on the decision of chess compositions held in Kiev and has not had time to sum up the results of the third intermediate finish. Technical results will be published in the following release of a chess marathon, and now let's talk about chess fans!

Chess players-experts receive great pleasure when after a beautiful attack or a delicate protection an applause of spectators is heard. This rough splash of emotions, of course, stirs to other players, and the judge urges judges of chess beauty to constrain the feelings… There were the times when spectators were in immediate proximity from chess players and often stirred them with their conversations.

So on the tournament in Berlin in 1869 one gentleman returned to the hall after the 40-minute’s absence and found out that there were made only two moves in one of parties.

- What does it mean? -he addressed to the players. - I have had time to play ten parties with my friend in the foyer, and you have hardly moved from a place!!

-It means, sir, - easily answered him one of the chess players, - that it is difficult to keep up with you for us…

After the end of this tournament the German chess union was even compelled to issue «The Instruction for Spectators of Chess Tournaments»!

Unfortunately, the tournaments of solvers do not cause such rough emotions. Really, the competitions of solvers lack the spirited spectators understanding subtleties of chess compositions and who are capable to estimate a feat of the solver…

We’ll still continue conversation about chess fans in the following releases of our chess heading, and now we’ll bring to your attention, dear marathon-racers, the tasks of the 14th round.


One of White figures on the diagramme №53 prevents to carry out the task. Remove this figure and you will solve the problem.


And in the problem №54 something prevents the White from success! Clean a hindrance and carry out the task.


It is clear that it is impossible to win without changes in the position on the diagramme №55... 
You, dear marathon-racers, are allowed to add one White pawn in the bottom half of the board.

№56. A chess question
Let's return to «The Instruction for Spectators of Chess Tournaments» which was spoken at the beginning of this release about.
This small book contained seven … empty pages! And only on its title the unique phrase calling to…flaunted.
Try to guess what the organizers of chess tournaments called talkative spectators to.

Meet you in a week!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.