Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №13. The third intermediate finish is already a history!

At last the third stage of our chess marathon has also come to the end! In this release we will declassify answers to competitive tasks and we’ll puzzle participants with a new portion of chess "nuts". And its results we’ll give in the … following release. The matter is that this Friday in Kiev starts the European championship on decision of chess compositions

The 9th round

№33. J.Gordian, 1995
(Without a pawn a4)

On the diagramme №33 the White have got a superfluous fighting unit. The marathon racers were required to remove this figure and mate in two moves. The Pawn a4. was this superfluous figure. If to remove it, to the goal leads 1.Qf4! Zugzwang. 5 points 1...d5 2.Qа4х! (the Pawn is already not present); 1...N~ 2.Qf8х.

№34. J.Gordian, V.Melnichenko, 1966
(With a White Pawn on g2)

And there is no White Pawn on the diagramme №34 Its place is on the second line.
It was required to find a haven for a Pawn and to put mate in three moves.
This problem was with a dirty trick! The matter is that except the author's version with a White Pawn on g2, to mate in three moves there led a position with a Pawn on с2 as well.
By the way, it was possible even to exceed the task if to set up a Pawn on b2. In this case the mate was put in two moves after 1.Bc5!
a) With a White Pawn on g2.
1.g3! Threat 2.Rfе6+; 1...Nс3 2.Bс5!; 1...Bf3 2.g4! 3 points
b) With a White Pawn on с2.
In this case there are two ways to mate in three moves.
1) 1. c4! Threat 2.Rde6#;1…dc 2.Bc5; 1…bc 2.Rde6+.1 point
2) 1.cd! Threat 2.Nf7#; 1…Bh5 2.Nf7+ (или 2.Ng4+ или 2.Rde6+).1 point

№35. M.Gordian, N.Rezvov, 1995

1.Kd1! b4 2.Bd2 f5 3.Ke1 f4 4.Kf1 h5 5.Kg1 h4 6.Rf1 h3 7.Be1 K:a1 8.Bc3# 5 points
Unfortunately, the author's plan is saddened by the collateral decision: 3.Bf4! h5 4.Kd2 h4 5.Rd1! h3 6.Ke3 Kc3 7.Rd2 b2 8.Rc2#.

№36. A chess question
Often chess composers successfully enough play tournaments on practical chess. Who of well-known Ukrainian composers occupied prize-winning places in the championships of Ukraine on chess?

The answer:Many chess players-experts, occupying prize-winning places in the championships of Ukraine, have interesting problems and etudes in their active. They are: Jacob Vilner, Mark Gordian, Nikolay Kopaev, Efim Lazarev, Всеволод Rauser. It is possible to add and Alexey Seleznev, an etude composer, acting in the championships of Ukraine hors concours …
From this nice list of the greatest success in a composer field have achieved Jacob Vilner andMark Gordian. 3 points.

The 10th round

№37. V.Melnichenko, 1973
(with the White King on e1)

The marathon-racers had to return a move of the White King and to put a mate in two moves.
In this problem, except an author's plan, there is one decision more.
а) 1) The Author's decision: at the White King on е1. to the goal leads 1.0-0-0! 4 points.
But there is one more position in which the task is carried out :
b) At the White King on d2 to the goal lead both 1.Nс3+, and 1.Rа4! 1 point.
The most attentive participants have truly noticed, that if the White King stood on d2, and a black elephant on d1 to a mate in two moves led only 1.Nс3+ К:d4 2.Rа4х.

№38. V.Melnichenko, 1972
(A pawn с4 in the field g5)

One of White Pawns is not on the place. It was necessary to rearrange a Pawn on a treasured field (except the 7th horizontal!) and carry out the task.
One problem more in which except an author's plan there passed some variants of performance of the task.
Attentive solvers have specified that it is possible to rearrange one of white pawns so that there is even a mate in two moves possible. For example,
а) Pawn b3 on b2: 1. Fb3! b) Pawn c4 on g2:1. 0-0-0 +!; c) Pawn c4 on f4 (d4 on f4 and f2 on f4): 1. Кb4 +! Oh, it’s a pity, that by marathon rules additional points for the detailed analysis are not provided!.
And here is how it is possible to rearrange one of White Pawns that the task «a mate in three moves» should be carried out:
а) a) The Author's plan: a Pawn с4 is on g5. Solves prompt 1.f4! with the threat 2.Nb4+; 1…gf
2.OOO+; 1…ef 2.Bh7+ f5 3.gf#! The original complex of "unusual" moves - captures on pass from both sides and castling! 3 points
Let's count up these positions with a shift of a White Pawn where the task under the diagramme also is carried out.
b) a Pawn c4 on e5; с) a Pawn с4 on f6; d) a Pawn с4 on f3; e) a Pawn d4 on f3; f) a Pawn f2 on f3. Each of these versions is estimated by 0,4 points. Maximum has made 2 points.

№39. E.Melnichenko, 1979
(With a White Elephant on f6)

The participants had to find a place for a White Elephant in the top half of the board and to win a duel.
The only place for a White Elephant in the top half of the board where the prize is possible is a field f6!
To the goal leads 1.Nh2+ Kg3 2.Be5+ Rf4+ 3.Kg1 e6 4.Kh1. But not 4.Bd6? e5 5.B:e5 h5 6.Bd6 Kh4 7.B:f4, a stalemate. 4...h6 5.Kg1 h5 6.Kh1 h4 7.Bd6 e5 8.B:e5 Kf2 9.B:f4 with a victory 5 points

№40.A chess question
This well-known scientist, whose main invention is known absolutely to everybody, some time taught in Odessa (where, by the way, and made the ingenious opening!) … during free time from scientific work he liked to play chess and make suitcases. Who is this person?

The answer: This ingenious scientist, a big fan of chess and «suitcases-maker» is – Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev. 3 points.

The 11th round

№41. M.Kuznetsov, M.Marandjuk, 1975

The solvers know the term "the continued problem". It is a question of a new decision after the first move. The marathon-racers had to "continue" the problem №41.
In a position on the diagramme solves only 1. d8R! 2,5 points
After that move to the goal leads only 1.e8B! 2,5 points

№42. J.Kumpe, 1916

It was required to paint figures on the diagramme №42 and put a mate in three moves.
а) The Author's version: the Black King on e5, the other figures are white.
Solves delicate 1.Rh1!! Zugzwang. 2 points;
1…К:d4 2.Re1; 1…Кe4 2.Qg3; 1…Кf4 2.Кd5; 1…Кf6 2.Qh8+. 0,25 points for each variant.
b) ) the Black: the King on e5 and a Pawn on f5, the other figures are white.
To the goal leads 1.Qh4! f4 2.Rd1. 2 points;
I’ll notice that it was possible to endanger the enemy Monarch (the Black King on с6, and other figures are white): 1…Кd7 2.Qh8!; 1…Кb6 2.Qb3+ with the subsequent mate. The question is how in that case to consider from what move to start the decision - from the first or from the zero? That is why this stage setting does not bring test points …

№43 A.Hallstrem, 1942
the Prize

In a position on the diagramme №43 the Black Queen is missed! It was required to return the loss on the board and win a duel.
As all our marathon-racers have truly noticed, a place of a Black Queen is in the field a1.
1.Qa5+ Ra3 2.Qd5+ Rb3 3.Qa8+ Ra3 4.Qg8+ Rb3 5.Qd5 d6 6.Qa8+ Ra3 7.Qg8+ d5 8.Q:d5+ Rb3 9.Qa8+ Ra3 10.Qg8+ Rb3 11.Qd5 Ka3 12.Qa5#! 5 points

№44. A chess question:
This talented chess player, after winning of a match at the author of the problem №18 (see release №5) returned home and did not play any more not in any official competition …Who is this chess player?

The answer: This chess player is – Paul Charles Morfii. He won a match against Adolf Andersen, came back home to America and didn’t play any more in any official competition. 3 points

The 12th tour

In the problems №45 and №46 it was necessary to paint figures and to carry out the task.

№45. V.Chernyh, 2009

а) After the author: the Black King on g5, the other figures are white.
Solves 1.Qe8! 5 points

№46. N.Akimov, 2009

In this composition it is necessary to paint over the King e5 and a Pawn d5 in black.
To a mate in three moves leads an effective maneuver of a Queen:
1.Qa1! Kd7 2.Qa8 Ke6 3.Qe8#; 2,5 points
1...Kf7 2.Qh8 Ke6 3.Qe8#. 2,5 points

№47. N.Rezvov, 1998
(Without a pawn f4)
Drawn game

The position on the diagramme №47 is hopeless for the White. And what if to remove one of White figures?!..
For rescue it is necessary to remove a White pawn f4.
Solves only 1.Rh6+!! 3 балла
False at once 1.a7? Kb7 2.Rf4 f1R!! (2...f1Q 3.R:f7+ Q:f7 4.a8Q+ K:a8, a stalemate) 3.Rb4 Rf5, and the Black win.
1...Kc7 2.a7 Kb7 3.Rf6 f1R! (3...f1Q 4.R:f7+ Q:f7 5.a8Q+ K:a8, a stalemate) 4 points
4.Rb6+! K:a7 5.R:b5, a drawn game. 5 points

48.A chess question
Long time ago in Saudi Arabia there was a law forbidding chess. With what this prohibition was connected?

The answer: it was not pleasant to Governors of Saudi Arabia, that an Elephant (even a chess one!) could attack the king with impunity. 3 points

Today we give a start to the 4th stage of a chess marathon!

The task №49

One of White pawns on the diagramme №49 prevents to reach the Black king … Remove this hindrance and declare a mate in two moves. Please, do not only touch a pawn с3!

Задание №50

Белые знают секреты матования одиноким королем?! Нет, конечно! Для достижения цели белым позволено перекрасить две любые фигуры…

Task №51

The task №52. A chess question
Once Bernard Show had dinner at the restaurant. Loudly sounding music prevented the writer to talk with the colleague.

- What to play in your honour? - The conductor of the orchestra … asked the eminent master.
How do you think, what wish stated a witty Bernard Show?

Meet you in a week!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.