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Part №11. A Happy Intersection of Perpetuities

Contrary to the installed tradition this release of our chess marathon comes out not on Friday but on Thursday. The motive to "go on the air" a day earlier is rather seriuos - on Thursday, April, 5th is the 50th birthday celebrated by the president of FIDE Kirsan Nikolaevich Ilyumzhinov!

001In the Kalmyk epos there is a remarkable line - "In the steppe three perpetuities are intersected: perpetuity of the steppe, perpetuity of the sky and perpetuity of soul". All of them are wonderfully intersected in the destiny of our hero helping him in all life situations to find the right decisions, not to lose courage and to hold down a blow with firmness…

In the 9th form he becomes the champion of Kalmykia on chess. In a year he receives the school-leaving certificate with distinction and goes to work as a… fitter! "I went to work on a mill as a worker because I understood that having entered a high school, I will turn again into a schoolboy, and it is very far from real life. “I wanted to try and learn what I am, if I could be a person not only in hothouse conditions.” A year later he went to serve in the Army…

After the Army -service he handed in his documents to the most prestigious high school of the country - the Moscow state institute of international relations. The motive of such a rash action Ilyumzhinov then explained that it was because of his … dream! "Because I read the book after Vsevolod Ovchinnikov "An Oriental cherry Branch ". I like it very much. I served in the army then as a sergeant of the Soviet Army in the North -Caucasian military district. And that is why I decided to get to Japan after my Army-service… They taught Japanese in the Moscow state institute of international relations or in the Military institute of the Ministry of Defence. I have chosen the Moscow state institute of international relations to go to Japan and see this wonderful country".

"The educational institution of a shut type" - so the institute with intriguing abbreviation МSIIR was called in those times. Still, the children and the grandsons of the party superstrain of the country, off-springs of principals of the socialist states got education in it! "I have never had a hairy paw, and there was no place to undertake it from. Really, I arrived and got into an inner sanctum - on the Japanese department … – so ordinary and simply”, recalled Kirsan this courageous step.

But not all was smooth and sunny. In 1988 a severe misfortune overhung over the dream of Kirsan: on a denunciation of two fellow students he got into a pre-trial detention centre of the Committee of State Security and was deducted from the institute. It seemed, the 37th year had returned - in a denunciation there were two ten points of denunciation: cooperation with Afghani, Indian and other secret services of the world, alcoholism, a drug habit, a pimping etc.,and etc.

Almost eight months of trials, boatings on instances in search of justice, the letters and protection of the best people of Kalmykia … I think, the person without a rod on his place would be broken, would cease strife and would leave "to lick his wounds on his small native land". But not such is Kirsan!

"I understood that such is the system, that it is worked-out, but it was always opposite to me to accept those game rules which were imposed to me. Why should I realise anything if I am not guilty?! I knew - or I achieve justice, or I perish, I am not able to act differently". He wrote the letter to Gorbachev. One more was sent to the chairman of the Committee of State Security of the USSR and Minister of Foreign Affairs Shevardnadze … The dual blow achieved the aim, and our hero was recovered in the institute!

After graduation from the Moscow state institute of international relations in 1989 Kirsan successfully passes examinations for the substitution of a post of the managing director of the Soviet-Japanese firm "Liko-Rainbow". Each following year was the next milestone in his headlong career. It seemed, he had learnt to control time and to subordinate this thin substance to the ideas and plots. 002

Judge: the1990th - the People's Deputy of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, the 1991st - a member of the Supreme body of the USSR; the1992nd - the founder of the newspaper "New view"; the 1993rd - the President of the Russian chamber of businessmen … The same year Kirsan Ilyumzhinov began his fight for the post of the first president of the Republic of Kalmykia.

His rivals uncoiled in press the massed operating period on Ilyumzhinov's discrediting, audited his commercial structures, blackmailed by phone, threatened with punishment … But again he managed to come out the winner in these "fights without rules" and to become the president!

I will dare to give some lines from E.Troitskaya's book "Out of an access band": "On the night of April, eleventh, the republic did not sleep - people were on the square. There was a vote tabulation in the electoral committee. Kirsan was sure in his victory. He had already thought about what it was necessary to do first of all. On the twelfth of April the first president of Kalmykia together with the command accepted the White House. It is possible to say that from the House of the government there were only the walls. Carpets, furniture, phones, even a pile of paper, all was stolen. Ministerial bills were empty, the raw materials were taken out of the republic. To type the president’s decrees they sent to the store to buy paper…"

The situation repeated in the 1995th when Ilyumzhinov was elected the president of the International Chess Federation(FIDE). Then, the split in the chess world attained a critical point.

The situation repeated in the 1995th when Ilyumzhinov was elected the president of the International Chess Federation(FIDE). Then, the split in the chess world attained a critical point. Having become the president of FIDE, Ilyumzhinov began radical reorganisation. He suggested a new system of drawing of the world championships - a knockout-system at which more than a hundred of grand masters and masters could participate simultaneously. The tournaments on a new system helped, with literal sense, to live-out both chess professionals and chess as a whole.

In heavy 90th he helped to live-out the Russian chess federation as well, incurring all finance costs on carrying out of the championships of Russia and other official tournaments. For a long time he salvaged from a financial failure a magazine "64 - The Chess Review", for what there are many thanks to him from fans of chess!

He has not yielded to damp the Universal chess olympiads. One of them was excellently held in 1998 in the Kalmyk capital Elista where to its beginning the present chess city - City-chess was built.

Yes, I nearly have forgotten. One of Ilyumzhinov's first steps on the post of the president of Kalmykia was the Decree about the state support of chess and introduction of facultative chess lessons at Republic schools. As time demonstrated, the chess science has gradually helped children with studies. There are a lot of representatives of Kalmykia among the winners of All-Russia school’s olympiads and there are many former Kalmyk schoolboys among the students trained in America and Europe, as well. How not to recall here the words of flashing Ostap Bender about how can chess turn to the best the life of a simple person!

For 17 years of his being on the post of the principal of FIDE Kirsan Nikolaevich has achieved the principal thing ― joining up of the chess world. Now Ilyumzhinov has got a new dream: to carry away with a chess play if not all the Earth but not less than a billion of its inhabitants. And it is only at the beginning! "A billion of people playing chess is a billion of thinking people!" ―considers the president of FIDE. I am assured that this dream of Kirsan Nikolaevich will come true.

We wish health, happiness and good luck in all to Kirsan Nikolaevich!

And the marathon continues …

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The term "the prolonged problem"
is known to the solvers. It is a question of
a new solution after the first move.
Our marathon-racers, try to "prolong" the task on the chart a question of a new solution after the first move.
Our marathon-racers, try to "prolong" the task on the chart №41.
Colour figures on the chart
№42 and mate the Black king in three moves.
in three moves.
As it is easy to be convinced,
the figures of the Black reliably
hold the fort. So where a scoring(prize)?
It appears, that in a stand on the chart №43
the Black queen is dropped …! Set up a queen
on a board and you will carry out the task.


№44. A chess problem

This talented chess player after a win of a match at the author of the task №18 (see release №5) returned home and did not play any more not in any official competition …Who is this chess player?

Meet you in a week!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.