Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Part №8. We introduce the heroes of the start (conclusion)

The second stage of our "Chess marathon" comes to its end with today's release, and we have not presented all the heroes of the start yet...
Basically, it would be possible to go on a beaten path and to tell in any of releases about all the winners as it done in reportings from tournaments on practical chess.

But, unlike chess players-experts, chess composers are not spoilt completely by attention of mass media …

Today the Master of Sports on chess composition from Kharkov Anatoly Handurin who took the third place on the first intermediate finish will be the hero of my story. He has perfectly consulted with all competitive compositions, but, alas, has twice slipped on insidious questions …

001Anatoly Handurin is in search of chess truth.
The 22nd championship of Ukraine, Odessa, 2008

Anatoly Handurin was born on January, 9th, 1953 in the village of Svetloye in the Sumy region.
His love for chess visited Anatoly rather late enough for today's measures - on the tenth birthday the grandfather presented his grandson a beautiful set of wooden figures...

The game subdued the boy and he began to gather practical force very quickly. Gradually all the rural chess players were hit.

What can you order to do in such cases to the young man? You are quite right: to take part in the correspondence’s tournaments or to participate in the competitions on decision problems and etudes!

The solution of chess secrets has carried away Anatoly and struggle against insidious plans of the invisible author-contender has almost completely eclipsed practical game. In school days he became the winner of All-Union competitions on decision of problems and the etudes held by the newspaper "Yuniy leninets" and the magazine "Pioneriya".

002The tournament finale on high-speed decision of two-moves (there is one minute for meditations!)
From the left to the right: Yury Gordian (the judge); Alexander Solovchuk and Anatoly Handurin.
Odessa, 2008

There was, however, some time for practical tournaments with a correspondence bias!
So, at school, he won a representative tournament on correspondence, lasting for two years … Being a student and later on Anatoly won correspondence competitions of newspapers and magazines many times and, of course, he participated in the internal tournaments on solution of chess secrets.
He is a repeated winner of the open championships of Kharkov and the Kharkov area.

Anatoly one of few home solvers who can brag of a unique achievement - he has taken part in all championships of Ukraine on the decision since 1986.

Many times he was a prize-winner of the championship, and twice - in 1989 and 1990 – he became the best solver of Ukraine.

003Will the gold top submit to him once again?
The 24th championship of Ukraine, Poltava, 2010

Except his successes in decision competitions there are Handurin’s victories at drawing up competitions!

In total he thought up more than fifty problems and etudes. He is a big adherent of collective creativity.
That is why the lion's share of his compositions is made in the co-authorship. Some facts about mundane life of our hero. In 1977 Anatoly Handurin graduated from the Kharkov polytechnic institute and remained to work on a chair of hydraulic machinery where now he manages the educational laboratory.

Despite of domination of computer libraries, Anatoly likes to spend his free time with a usual book.

It is interesting to track the evolution of reader's predilections of Anatoly: in his youth he was fond of a fantasy, later on - the classical literature; now he prefers books on historical subjects …

We wish Anatoly successes in his further chess tests of our marathon and we represent a selection of tasks of a final round of the second intermediate finish.

№29. №30. №31.
2012.03.08_1 2012.03.08_2 2012.03.08_3
    #2                                                        #3                                                        Prize                                              
On the diagram me №29 White easily mate the black monarch in demanded number of moves. By the way, it is possible to mate in two moves without one of white figures. Moreover, there will be a mate in two moves without two white figures as well. Don’t be surprised, dear Marathon - racers!! There will be a demanded mate without three white figures as well! Find these positions. As you have already known from the previous release, it is rather difficult for chess historian to define the colour of figures on the diagrammes in ancient newspapers … In the position №30 all figures are white. But it does not happen so! Define, what king is Black and mate it in three moves


№32.A chess question

Give a surname of a problemist who composed only one etude. The uniqueness of the situation is that the etude was made … in 3 years after a mention of this composition in the well-known novel!

Meet you in a week!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.