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Part №7. We represent the heroes of the start (continuation)

It has become the turn to introduce the silver prize-winner of the first intermediate finish. It is a doctor-immunologist and a Master of Sports of Ukraine on chess composition from Pervomayskiy town of the Kharkov region Vladislav Tarasyuk.

001Vladislav Tarasyuk is in etude meditations.
Concha - Zaspa, 2011

The father acquainted Vladislav with the rules of chess game when the boy was hardly six years old. But his serious hobby for game has occurred later …

Studying in the seventh form and visiting his friend in the hospital, Vladislav took his chess with himself … His friend got into the hospital for some months and their chess fights at the hospital lasted rather long. Victories alternated with defeats. Naturally, he didn’t want to lose.

Therefore Vladislav took some books on chess theory from the school library and began to study subtleties of a chess science himself.

The studies went to use and the next year our hero won the school championship, having got almost 100 % result (only one drawn game in 12 duels!). Following the results of this tournament the school team for participation in All-Union competition of pioneers and schoolboys "The White Castle" was generated.

Alas, the debut on "All-Union arena" was not successful – playing on the first board Vladislav lost a duel. All school team unsuccessfully acted as well and left the struggle in the first round (the competition was held on the Olympic system) …

This defeat has not unsettled the young man. Wishing to understand the secrets of movement of figures on a checkered board, Vladislav registered in a chess circle at the regional house of pioneers.

In some months after the beginning of his studies he won the regional superiority and received the permit on the youth championship of the area …

The place in the middle of the table of the regional championship was not absolutely the result to which Tarasyuk aspired and, continuing his studies in the regional chess circle, Vladislav became a pupil of a well-known "Chess school".

Who does not remember, “Chess school" is the telecast, held once a week on the channel of the Central television of the USSR.

Among the teachers of this school there were many well-known chess masters and grand masters. During those studies the listeners were given home - tasks for the results of which chess categories were appropriated.

After a year of studies Vladislav executed the second category about which the diploma which has remained in the family archive of "Chess school" signed by the well-known grand master Yury Averbah … testifies

In 1985 Vladislav entered the Kharkov pharmaceutical institute.
The rank of the candidate for the Master of Sports on Chess was executed the same year. The institute team, for which Tarasyuk acted, won the superiority of Ukraine on chess among medical high schools three times.

And in 1989 it even became the champion of the Soviet Union!

Vladislav published his first chess etude being a first-year student in 1986. Then - two years of his service in the army. After the army the young man continued his studies at the institute and … composed his second etude!

002In search of the original plan.
Concha-Zaspa, 1997

Odessa takes a special place in the life of our hero. In 1990 Vladislav arrived to a southern city for participation in All-Union festival of chess composers and solvers. Here he got acquainted with well-known composers, whose surnames he met on pages of chess newspapers and magazines not once.

I think that due to the Odessa festivals Tarasyuk has increased his "etude muscle" and became the eternal captive of chess creativity!

Our hero has made and published about 100 etudes.
More than half of them have received merits.

Two times Vladislav was a silver and once a bronze prize-winner in personal superiority of Ukraine on a chess composition in section of etudes.

For these successes he was appropriated the rank of the Master of Sports of Ukraine on a chess composition.

His works were used while sending the national team of Ukraine to the 5th and the 6th team superiority of the world in which the Ukrainian team took the first and the second places accordingly.

The Tarasyuk's etude was used while sending the national Ukrainian team to the next – the 8th superiority of the world as well. Well, we are waiting for the continuation of nice victorious traditions!

003Scene at a fountain in Mariinskiy park.
From the left to the right: Sergey N.Tkachenko and Vladislav Tarasyuk.
Kiev, 2011

This release of a chess marathon is held on March, 9th - on Tarasyuk's birthday. The Editorial staff of the information portal "Perspectiva.info" congratulates Vladislav with this nice day. We wish our Kharkov’s friend sound health, set of family pleasures and, of course, original plans on a chessboard!

Our chess marathon proceeds, and today we suggest your attention the task of the 7th round.

№25. №26. №27.
2012.03.08_1 2012.03.08_2 2012.03.08_3
    #2                                                        #3                                                        Prize                                              
Do not try to carry out with a swoop
the task in a problem №25! At first
try to understand the nuances of a
design of a composition, make the
minimum changes in it and only
then find the author's plan.
Studying ancient newspapers or
magazines chess historians very
often face a problem to define the
colour of figures on the diagramme...
Years, as it is known, do not spare
letters! Dear Marathon - racers!
Try to become historians for a while
and define to what camp those or
other heavy figures on the
diagramme №26 belong.
Remember that there are two
castles and a queen on each side.
On the diagramme №27 there is a
neutral position. Recolour one of
white pawns into black and rearrange
it on such a field that the task under
the diagramme would be carried out.


№28.A chess question

In the American city of Seattle the robber who penetrated into the bank at night was found in the morning fallen asleep over the newspaper left by someone … What do you think was the reason of his sleep?

Meet you in a week!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.