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Part №3. The Secrets of Сreative Longevity

How do you think, why chess, despite of computer public merrymaking invasion and other mundane temptations, continue to draw young growth? And what do wise men find in chess placing a nice problem or a bright etude on a checkered board in a leisure-time?

I do not know, how for you, dear readers, but the answer is obvious to me: attractive force of chess action is hid in a gold alloy of its sports branch with the scientific and creative beginning! Only its triune has allowed chess to pass «through centuries and countries» and not to lose the attractive force in our not far a simple time …

We devote today's release of a chess marathon to the oldest international grand master of the world – to Yury Lvovich Averbah who celebrated his 90th jubilee on February, 8th! In his long service to Chess harmoniously (whether in it is a secret of his creative longevity?!) were weaved sports, scientific and creative beginnings. Do you want the facts? Here they are!

During his practical career Averbah participated in 16 championships of the USSR! This quantity of victories transformed into a quality: in 1954 in Kiev Yury Lvovich became the champion of the country, and in 1956 divided the1st–3rd places. And still he is the winner and the prize-winner of set the Union’s and international tournaments that will take not a dozen of lines.

Yuri Lvovich whose jubilee is celebrated entered a mighty chess team of the USSR twice, twice winning (in 1957 and 1965) a team European championship.

Averbah tried to climb up the top of a chess Olympus, participating in tournament of pretenders of 1953 (the10th–the11th place) and two interzonal tournaments in 1952 and 1958 (the 5th–8th and the 7th–11th places accordingly).

"Smile, gentlemen!" One more secret of creative longevity of Yury Averbah.
Photo from the archive of Yury Averbah.

The authority of Averbah is very high among chess poets as well.
Is it known to you, dear readers, that he received a rank of the international arbitrator in 1956 – for 13 years before a similar rank on practical game!

Especially Yury Lvovich loves etude genre, as the closest to practical game.

Open any of his volumes of the well-known «The Chess terminations» and you will find a set of bright etude performances on its pages!

Not once Averbah was the arbitrator of many sign etude competitions and matches. He judged the etude section of the personal World championship …

Yury Averbah Is even more authoritative in questions of chess history! Collecting particles the documentary facts, studying ancient volumes and archeological finds, Averbah doesn’t stop proving that chess is not only a sports game but also is a huge layer of a world science and culture. It is a pity that the edition of his remarkable book «History of chess: from chaturanga and up to now a days», published in Moscow in 2010 is so insignificantly small – only 250 copies. It is a wild scantiness for fans and judges of chess!
I hope that a new and a considerably expanded edition of this book which will be published in March will please not only with the contents but a number of copies as well.
Paying no attention to his years Yury Lvovich continues to serve Chess faithfully. Now he supervises over the Center of chess culture and the information of the State Public Scientific Technical Library of Russia: he often comes to his beloved capital - Kiev to the Cup after his name which has already become traditional; he gives tasty interviews for mass media …

By the way, some lines about one interesting interview of Averbah. Thumbing through a magazine «64 – the Chess review», I have come across Yury Lvovich's addressed to young chess players fine words. I think it is his wish: to put high aims before oneself and aspire to it in every way – it will be useful not only to chess players.


The editorial stuff of our site congratulates the legendary grand master with his anniversary and wishes him to be an example of unique creative activity still many long years. Health and new chess openings to you, our dear chess devotee! Yury Lvovich, you must know that we all in Odessa love you very much and we are looking forward to your visit to our city!

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    #2                                                        8+2 #3                                                      11+11 Prize                                                5+12
On the diagramme №9 the white king has disappeared somewhere. On what field of the 8th horizontal it must be? Specify the first course of the decision.    


Task №12. A chess question:

With what grand master living in Odessa and who moved to Moscow later on, was Yury Lvovich Averbah on friendly terms?


Meet you in a week!
Your heading leader, Honoured Chess Master of Sports of Ukraine Sergey Tkachenko.